Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Scenery Monday: Ork fuel depot WIP

Little Bunny and I have been plugging away at the Ork fuel silo terrain we have been working on. 

One more shift next Monday should complete it. 

We have added scored Balsa struts now to show support. 

Rivets now cover the piece. All individually cut and glued with Supa' glu!

Just ladders, little details on the struts, some totems and a pipe system to complete it. 

What do you think?

Drake Seta and Little Bunny 


  1. That is really coming together now,

    It looks really cool,
    And it would look awesome and orky, when its finished

  2. The day primer hits this, is the day a thousand mek's rejoice for the waaagh has begun!

    1. I know. I like this stage where all eyes are upon it like "that looks stoopid" when Basecoated it should be awesome.