Tuesday 21 April 2015

Assassinorum: Execution Force and 30k.

Hi all. 

With the official video up of Assassinorum: Execution Force about the web now, it leads me to ponder the role of these Clades in 30k. 

So Nemesis the Horus Heresy Novel, featured 6 different Assassin Clades (2 of which were new creations to my knowledge). This box includes the common four people know and love Culexus, Eversor, Vindicare and Callidus. It is rumoured to have several different game types in the box. 

The Assassinorum would not regularly fight along side the Legionnes Astartes so I hope that this gives us a Kill Team style combat system which enables us to use these minis in Necromunda style missions. 

The missing two Clades from Nemesis are not really field operatives so I Can't imagine them ever getting Minis, but I would love Forge World to do a Rule set to represent them in the Heresy. Forge world have confirmed their interest in creating operatives in the past. 

The Bunnies are planning this as a day 1 purchase. Hopefully we can get a report up after rules are read and minis painted so stay tuned. 

Drake Seta


  1. Would love to see a Mechanicum Assassin like Remiere from Blanches' art work.
    Looking forward to this box mainly for the next level of narratives it offers us.

  2. I can see FW creating more and more imperial agents, not just from assassin clades. It would be fairly resonable to assume this is where people like John Grammaticus would fit in. They werent really out and out war fighters, they were kill teams that did the impossible. I hope we see some imperial, traitor and maybe Kabal characters that can be dataslates for this minigame. Very exciting :)

  3. Any new ways to play are good in my opinion. Looking forward to see in what capatacy these will work

  4. ^^ All of what you guys said lol
    I really liked Nemesis as a 'stand-alone' book in the heresy series. There's been 'a' short story spin off but that's it as far as I'm aware which I think is good.
    The outcast dead was another excellent book and was cleverly used as a platform to introduce other antagonists and loyal parties that either have or have not since been incorporated into further stories or short stories.
    As to the game mechanics I'm really looking forward to picking this up as it allows for a few people to play at the same time ala Hero-Quest and Space Crusade and unlike Space Hulk doesn't just have 2 sides to split down.
    Although SH can be played with multiple people using individual marines etc it's not designed that way in the game mechanics so this will be a breath of fresh air.
    Also the minis look really good :D