Saturday, 4 April 2015

Codex Skitarii preview shows Dunecrawler off

Here is the Dunecrawler shown off by GW for the first time in their Codex preview. 

It looks like a new base is in the works for this model. I wonder if we will see it for Defilers etc in the future. 

Drake Seta


  1. I like it more than I thought I would to be honest, not as much as the other kits they've brought out so far admittedly but that's because I think those are some of the best kits stylistically that GW main have released so most things will pale in comparison for me.

    That is a huge base as well by the looks of things, should be good for some scenic basing.

    Just need to hope that these forces and FW's will be able to be combined into one glorious whole at some point, I was thinking of a full retinue for a titan household(?) painted in their colours that could be used in both 30 and 40k (if the rules are released fir both as well).
    My fluff knowledge isn't particularly great, despite owning all the HH books and being in the hobby for 25 odd years, so if anyone knows if that's possible or not I would be grateful.

    1. It's just an idea as of now so I haven't researched it at all yet, which is probably self evident.

    2. I have contacted FW, if they say they are the Battle Bunnies are dropping £180 on them straight away.

      The Dunecrawler from one pic to the next has different feet, something I just noticed.

      Not sure about the base. I personally don't like it when a base has to be used even if the model is able to stand on its own. But yes, definitely a Diorama sized base :)

    3. I noticed the feet as well. I wonder if that means another dual kit or just more options?

  2. I hope the new Dunecrawler base fits the Necron Triarch Stalker on it