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Saturday Knight: Æthegn

Saturday Knight: Æthegn

Hi all. It's been a while since Knights were first introduced onto our gaming tables (and my 8 are still boxed - though for hopefully not much longer). Choosing the Knight house that is best for you to is like choosing a pair of new shoes. 

So here I aim to give you the following information; what suits they favoured, colour scheme, Segmentum, Homeworld, Loyalty, Lord and most importantly the Legions they may have quested with. 

This week; House Æthegn.

House Æthegn
Homeworld: Unknown - Destroyed
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Lord: Unknown
Discovered by: Rogue Traders
Allegiance: They were loyal to Horus. They only fought for a few years in the Great Crusade. 

They fought very much like reavers who had access to dated and limited warp travel. They attacked and destroyed anyone who stood against them. They were discovered in the second century of the Great Crusade. The Household were identified as descendants of a lost Knight World. Once Horus was named as Warmaster he tasked the Space Wolves with the eradication of House Æthegn. However, while resupplying at Port Maw, the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet received word of a recently claimed planet, Altus Ferro, being attacked. Horus answered. 
Horus is claimed to have torn apart the Knight of the enemy commander with his bare hands. Seeing Horus as a powerful lord, the Household swore fealty to him. House Æthegn said that they would wait for Horus' call to war. The call came during the Horus Heresy from the Death Guard.

Materiél strength. 
In the years before unification, the Wraekon Dreor were thought to have operated well over 150 Knights. However reports at the time of Imperial integration suggested the number to be around 100, mainly consisting of Paladin and Errant designs. Horus had kept the number a secret and during the Heresy he unleashed the full amount. 
Recommended Loadout;
Great Crusade and Horus Heresy ratio: 3:1 Paladin/Errant : Questoris Chassis'

Hope you enjoy. If you have attempted a Knight of this house already let me know below. 

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Khall Sithis

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  1. To me Æthegn sound like pure Reaver / techno pirates. Also they sound like the toughest house out there. Love the scheme and the way they were chosen to accompany the Sons of Horus over Makabius who were collected by the Death Guard.