Sunday 5 April 2015

Forge World bulletin 5/4

First off: Happy Easter to one and all :)

Today we have been given another bulletin that delves into what the Forge World team are up to. This week we have been shown a glimpse into some new upgrade kits for the Raven Guard.

I know quite a few of you will be excited for this as I know I am! Be good to see what the full kit entails but from first looks they look pretty good. 

Also featured on the bulletin is a look at Dominik Oedingers Mechanicum army. If you want to check that out and more check your emails if you're on Forge World's subscriptions or check it out on their website.

What do you think about the future kits? What are you hoping they are working on next?

Darko Thane


  1. I'm not a wolves player (yet), but i'm really keen to see what they do with them.

    1. Me too. Can't picture a Knotwork leather mask. Been trying to find images of one online but am struggling.

    2. Personally, I hated the weird S&M masks that Abnett gave the Rout.

      I hope FW keep that part out.

    3. Yeah I wasn't sure either, but I do want to see one or two in a set.

  2. Yes!!!! I want my Raven Guard!!! Corax please, I nevermore want to wait this long to see something from your legion :P