Monday 6 April 2015

Khall; An Update

Hello all!

I hope you are well. Not been around for a while as real life reared its ugly head. Unfortunately sometimes things in real life demand your full attention and you lose motivation for the things that make you smile. Well I finally feel ready to get back to my passion - Warhammer 30k. 

Now, anyone who follows my posts regularly is very aware of my love for the Ultramarines and Roboute Guilliman - In fact I pretty much cried when I saw his model *swoon* - and I always intended to get my Luna Wolves complete before I moved over to those beautiful blue bastards! With my time out of the hobby I have, unfortunately, made no progress since undercoating my LWs so I am afraid I am am going to have to shelf them for a bit. 

Instead I am going to start Ultramarines. I have already acquired a large amount of tanks and vehicles and my intent is to start them this week. I then plan on getting Roboute and Tempest at the Opening Day on 16/05/2015 and (after a quick look at the Legion Formation) will purchase and start the infantry from 17/05/2015 (I have a week off). I can't wait. 

Sometimes you need to look at your projects and decide what is going to make me happy. Ultramarines ticks that box for me, which gives me motivation. Please stay tuned as my gentle buzz turns into a full-on geekgasm in mid-May. What units do you think are fluffy or not fluffy for the Ultramarines? Comment below.



  1. Happy for you. Your Roboute is my Leman.

    Well I personally think they have everything. The only options I would suggest you leave out would be Destroyers. Think they are too honourable for that. I would hold back on Despoiler squads too trying to have 20 normal Tactical Legionnaires for every 10 Despoilers. Rhinos are a must here or there.
    Aerial support I would preach for Xiphon as your first flier option.
    If you had to choose between the Super Heavies already out I would suggest the Falchion as there were multiple mentions of Shadowswords in many books.
    You planning on using mk4 or mk4 Praetor pattern?

    1. Going to be mixing variants up but in a fairly uniform way, maybe squad by squad etc. What you think?

  2. Great choice, I thumbs up all the marines in blue wherever they come from ;)

  3. Love people working on passion projects. I have over 10k of World Eaters (30k+ 40K chapter specific units like thunderwolves) I am planning on taking the turn toward chaos this year and work on Khorn Daemonkin in anticipation of Daemon Prince Angron maybe this fall?

    I hope I get to kill a lot of Ultramarines on my way toward Chaos up here in Buffalo, NY

  4. I can defiantly relate to you. This is the reason I can not wait to start my fists :-)