Tuesday 7 April 2015

What a Warhammer 40k / 30k gamer wants? They get?

Hi all out there. 

GW have gotten lots and lots of stick in the past, ghastly models childish looking kits and them moving away from the Grim-Dark image of 40k most recently. They also got a lot of stick for price hiking, tearing down their Social media sites, not listening to fans etc etc. GW still make some mistakes (in my opinion Logan's sled, turning the Space Wolves Blue, Space Wolves on Wolves (FW will not be doing this thank god), the weird flying Land Speeder sermon machine of the Dark Angels, the Khorne Tonka train and Centurions) but their quality and design has got markedly better. The models look more dynamic than before and they appear to be listening to the fans more. 
I am still concerned with the amount of Computer games being released (it seems almost daily at the moment), I just hope they don't dilute the hobby too much. 

So the Question is: Are they being too good to us? Maybe the horrible monster has now become the good guy? It was Big Foot now it is Harry from Harry and the Hendersons?

Let's see. Please comment at the bottom too. 

We wanted Chaos Cultists: We waited years and years, and finally we got them. Our Narrative battles are better and more detailed than ever, and with another box of the models rumoured with multiposable Cultists in the next year or so: Great. 

We wanted Primarchs and the Horus Heresy: We got them! Forge World have done such an amazing job for the last 3 years with the Hobby, breathing a breath of fresh air onto our table tops. 

We asked for Knights: Got them. Two lovely choices from GW (would have liked a Fist for Errant though grumble grumble) and five variants from Forge World. I would love to see GW do another Combi box of Crusader/Castellan instead of Forge World, who can tackle the Warden etc. 

We asked for Skitarii: they have arrived. Now just for a "these choices were around in 30k" and the Bunnies will drop a wedge. As FW did with the Knights, I can envision a good few sets of weapon / head swaps at least for their versions. 

We asked for Adeptus Mechanicus: we got Skitarii first and the rumours of an Adeptus Mechanicus codex approaching are rife. 
Now attention. My thoughts why GW released the Skitarii seperately from the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex are; Skitarii were around in 30k but Adeptus Mechanicus was not (Mechanicum became Adeptus Mechanicus). Maybe this format will help GW release small mini-dex that are available or not available in the rumoured age of Darkness expansion. Could we see mini-dex of other armies which are fully 30k-able? The Astra Militarum were not around, but Storm troopers (as mentioned in places inc Mark of Calth) were, now I know the Storm troopers will vary in design through time and across the Galaxy, but this set May be GW's plan. 

We want Plastic Thunderhawk: I think this is getting closer. FW have just made a Sokar Stormbird (which is almost the exact size of the Thunderhawk) and I really don't think there is room for both, especially as the rumours suggest the Lucius Warhound is getting retired soon. With the Sokar and Thunderhawk Landing pad approaching, I can see the Thunderhawk getting shifted to plastic in a year.


We want Plastic Warhound Titan: With the Lucius being possibly discontinued, could it be a good time to see this Chassis be re wrought in Plastic? With FW also talking about doing lesser Titan Chassis it could be a possibility. The Lucius armoured back / shoulders are not bigger than the Shrine of the Aquila, so a £170-£200 is not unfeasible. 

We want Squats back: This will happen. I don't care what anyone says now, we are getting Squats back (possibly as Demiurg). Now this could also be another mini-Dex like the Harlequins and Skitarii? It could be. That way a base plastic force of them could be used in 30k as a force and also in 40k as a lesser race. We know they have written the Squats back in after a comment like "The Squat home worlds are thriving" in the last edition Rulebook. Forge World could easily pad them out in Campaigns to suit. 

We want More Xenos: Humanity may own the stars in 30 and 40k but we really need some more races to fight!

We want Mini-Dex Tarellians: This is a species that was very prevalent in 30k throughout the Galaxy, and the Tarellian Dog Soldier imagery has been in many a Rulebook now. The great thing about this race is: they are still round in 40k as a Tau ally / Mercenary force (go mini-Dex!). If this Age of Darkness expansion arrives then a force / army like this will be extremely successful (especially as the Lizardmen in Fantasy have taken to the stars now - maybe it is a prelude?). All we would need is a Troop multi-pack, a few elite multi-packs and a few vehicle multi-packs and we are away!! The packs could come with basic options and Tau allied options. Go on Games Workshop!!

We want Mini-Dex Hrud: Same reasons as above really. In 40k and 30k, spread across the galaxy, very few choices required to make them a force and another army is born. 

We want plastic Sisters of Battle: It's going to happen, it has too. 

We want Rogue Traders: We know it is being planned, we have seen it in book 2 Massacre with notifications regarding a Rogue Trader list. Awesome. Bring these Characters in. 

We want Custodes: With the recent End times from GW, it could be that GW is going to plan a story shift for 40k soon. Now if this is the case, GW might be releasing a plastic Custodes range for the inevitable war on Terra, if this is the case it could also be the reason FW postponed Inferno? We know they were told they were not allowed to do Knights as GW were planning on them in plastics. 

I for one am happier with the Company than ever before (RTB01 era I first started) and just hope they continue the way they are. Just no more terrible looking childish kits please. 

Drake Seta


  1. I really do hope that they do some more Xenos races that we can fight in both 30 and 40k. But mainly 30k lol :-)

  2. Atramentar models for the Night Lords legion would be amazing.

    1. Yeah. I would at least like a cosmetic upgrade pack for them. They may have gone the way of the Morlocks though.
      Grave Warden were same book as Typhon, would have expected Atramentar with Sevatar.

  3. One thing that annoys me. Demiurg and Squats? Not the same thing.

    Squats are abhumans that evolved on high gravity worlds by the galactic core. Essentially the Space Dwarves you know and love. Demiurg are asteroid mining xenos by the eastern fringe. Again, not the same thing.

    Also, I would die for a Hrud book. Or any other rules for minor Xenos.

  4. More xenos would be awesome...also I'd love a plastic warhound...I've almost bought one a few times now :)

  5. Have to agree. Cross platform Xenos is definitely a good idea!

  6. I know at the WH40K open day last year they were pretty insistent that they will not be doing 'End of Times' for 40K. Mainly as unlike Fantasy being able to move on, 40K has been sat on the brink with its timeline since 4th/5th edition.
    They did however insist that thanks to FW doing the HH series there's 10,000 years of pre-current time line that can be explored, like the Sabbat Worlds Crusade as an example.
    I definitely agree that there is room for expansion but there won't be a moving on any time soon, especially not until the HH series is complete and they're only about half way through so there's another 5 years before we're likely to see the God Emperor and the final battle on the Vengeful Spirit.
    As for a plastic TH I'm up for that, Warhound I'm not so sure I have a Lucuis pattern and I know has the Mars pattern been out I would have bought that instead.
    The Lucius chasis went into decline as soon as the Mars pattern came out. That's why they made the extra arms for the Mars pattern because people complained there wasn't enough variation for the weapons.
    Now those are available no point in the Lucius chasis if people aren't buying them.
    Be good to see more Titan variants now they've been mentioned so much in the fluff. Nemesis class and other scout variants too.
    Again it'll be great to see the Crusader Knight chasis also :)

    1. Yeah we hear pretty much the same thing. I do agree they can't move the 40k timeline on until they conclude the Horus Heresy at least, but we have heard rumours that some story threads have either been given the go ahead or been started, with an end goal of bringing the Primarchs back into 40k. These cannot possibly be set at 999 in 40k due to the other happenings that took place at this point, so the timeline will have to advance past midnight. This would have to be associated with some sort of end times for 40k for most Primarchs to re emerge. But officially their stance is they won't be moving it on, but I really think they will be. Too many people want to play with Primarchs and Gods for GW to ignore (the end times is proof to that). FW will be doing Daemon Primarchs, when they get on the battlefield I would say give it a few years before the good guys show up in 40k with Gork, Mork, Khaine and all. When 30k ends we gotta all go somewhere lol.
      Can't wait for the Emperor too!! Would like to see him in our Great Crusade, but that will be unlikely before Siege of Terra book is released. :(

    2. Russ ripping back into reality from the tides of the warp at the head of 8,000 13th company Spacewolves would be nice to see :)
      That, Vulkan waking up, Robuté healing in stasis and being re-awoke, Lionel Johson emerging from the depth of the Rock calling to arms the in-forgiven and cypher rallying the fallen back to the imperium, and Rogal Dorn re-appearing to claim his missing fist back. These are all things I would love to see!
      But alas I feel that won't be until well beyond the HH series. As was mentioned before it's easier in 40K to look backwards and sideways than it would be to move the TL forward. Fantasy has needed the move on because it's stagnated.
      I think the advantage of 40k at the min is there were never rules to play the epic battles of the Great Crusade or HH now there are.
      30k/40k is in a good place right now. As long as GW don't release an 8th Edt in the next 2-3 years I think all will be fine. I just can't abide buying 'another' edition of the WH40k rules when I've just got to grips and I'm comfy with the current rule set. He's being hopeful :)

    3. Yeah. Get us all comfy and happy with this ed. Spend effort on creating additional models, new armies and renewing old kits then hit us with 8th edition.
      7th is damn near perfect though. Psychic powers on Overwatch would be great and re do that horrible Daemon Codex.

      No more Chariots too!!

  7. Thank you for the first positive gw post in the history of the Internet.

    1. :) cheers. Might have inadvertently caused a temporal distortion or something.

  8. We all want Forge World or an assortment of Forge World in stores. It will happen sooner or later too.

  9. So I've been sat thinking about what I'd really like to see in the future models for the HH series, more specifically specialist units.
    I have to say having seen the Gal Vorbak I think it pretty clear we want an Argel Tal specific model. But what I'd also really like to see especially with the latest audio release are the Raptors for the Raven Guard and most definitely the Wulfen for the Vlka Fenryka.

  10. Yup. There will be an Argel Tal but apparently he may not be in book 5 but in book 6.
    Loved the old Wulfen artwork and models were good. Don't like the Wulfen on front of Raptor cover much, it is a difficult balance to achieve in my opinion between wolfman and werewolf.
    The Raptors will look awesome though.