Wednesday 8 April 2015

Taghmata on parade: Matt Stone's Taghmata of Cerio

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

Very proud to showcase Matt Stone's Taghmata from the world of Cerio. This is our first Taghmata on parade. 

I wanted a force that would flow around the titan. They would originate form a titan forge world. I named the planet Cerio, a cold rocky planet with little to no life, but provides good minerals and good defendable position in the more mountainous regions. The magos oversee the transport and execution of titans. The Knight house Tyrion has been dedicated in service to the Archmagos. During the great crusade the force has mainly supported the Sons of Horus fleet and most likely will continue to support the warmaster in days to come.

I love to use khorne red as the base with Mephiston red highlights. The shoulders are painted with skaven light dinge then highlight with a lighter grey mix. I tryed to make the colors the same from the thallax to the knights up to the titan, show a unified force on the table.
The thallax cohort has been one of my favorite units to play and paint. They run well on the flanks with a multi melta and there lightning guns. For securing objective not much has been able to move the castallax automatas out if the way.

Cyber Familiars swoop ahead of the Taghmata. 

Tech Thralls unwittingly advance under the command of the masks screwed to their heads. 

Thallax with Multi-Melta. 

Tyrion support Legio of Cerio. 

Castellax and a Magos Dominus. 

A Krios advances with its powerful lightning cannon. 

That was our first Taghmata on Parade. We will also be doing Legio on Parade as well as Knights on Parade and Auxilia on Parade. If you have a force you want to showcase on our blog please follow the links on the left. Looking forward to seeing them. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looks really good! Can't wait to be able to start my own sometime :D really impressive :)

  2. Wow! Now that is a beautiful force :)
    Really like the red! A nice board too!! Well done.

  3. I agree with Khall. Lush looking models on a really kl board. This just shows that these can look great as a standalone force and not just allied with a legion. Looking forward to seeing you add more of the upcoming Mechanicum models that Forge World release