Saturday 11 April 2015

Codex Skitarii: Search for 30k Compatibility.


Questions of whether the Skitarii types in the new Codex have been around since the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy are still yet to be officially answered, so I went out this morning to get the new book. 

On first pass there are a few noticeable comments. Let's start with this one:
That is the first entry on the timeline. Could this be that GW do not want to step on Forge World's toes over fluff matters in 30k? It sounds though that this Codex should only be used post Horus Heresy. 

This suggests that Skitarii Ranger weaponry (if not Rangers) were about on Mars early years. 

Have you been lucky to get an official yes or no? Comment below

Drake Seta


  1. I was browsing the B&C when a thread similar to this was posted, someone had directly emailed Forge World and received the following reply:

    The Skitarii and the Horus Heresy Mechanicum represent similar forces but from two very different eras and so are not specifically designed to be used together in rules terms. However, if you want to have use them as Allies for each other, perhaps to represent different branches of the Adeptus Mechanicus/Mechanicum working together, and your gaming group are happy for you to do this then please fell free. You may need to come up with your own house rules to represent this though.

    The new Adeptus Mechanicus models from Games Workshop represent the legacy left over from the old Mechanicum of Mars from the Horus Heresy era. Although some elements of each army are common between them, they are very much separate forces. But if you want to mix the models from each range together to represent units from the two types of army list then please do

    If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

    Forge World

    I think there's a space for them to do something, I imagine they'd be more along the line of upgrades/conversion kits. Especially with Calth around the corner, as I recall Skitarii elements play large role in that, if I remember Know No Fear correctly.

    1. Hey Doc. Better than my answer from them which was along the line of the GW / FW usual "play how you want to play, put them on a unicorn and a Triangular base and add a bobble head as a stand in for the Emperor's twin brother" style comment.
      It does say they are from two different eras and are not designed to be used together In rule terms. That to me is a Fluffy no.

      Without knowing the question the guy asked I can't be sure what he wanted. By the sounds of it it was a "can I use Skitarii and Mechanicum in the same force?" Not a "were the Skitarii that have just been released from GW the same Skitarii that were present in 30k?"

      I do think FW will be either doing their own Skitarii range or adding upgrade sets to make the GW ones compatible.

  2. We know Skitarii were around during GC and Heresy. I personally believe that FW will produce their own variants. Will be a good question for Mr Bligh when next we see him. Hopefully on 16/05/2015!!!

  3. I want this to happen so badly. The thought of Skitarii marching into combat along side Thallaxii makes me giddy.

    For now, I think I will use Unbound.

  4. My guess is that FW will inevitably do an Imperial Armour book that brings the Horus Heresy Mechanicum units into the 40k era. They'll probably wait until they have the Horus Heresy book that covers the war on Mars first just because of the implicitly large number of units that book would introduce. I also think if ever there were a place to introduce a Dark Mechanicum armylist it'd be that book, since many of the distinctions would be how each had maintained the relics of the Heresy era into the 40k era.

    Its important to consider that there is as many differences between Mechanicum and Adeptus Mechanicus as there are between Space Marine Legions and Chapters. After the Heresy both saw a degree of imposed orthodoxy that attempted to put all loyalists in line. Legio Cybernetica and the use of Robots is a good example of something that should be addressed; while the Legio Cybernetica still exists they predominantly went traitor and those that remained loyal now take oaths more severe than Astartes. It will be interesting to see what impositions they have to now contend with in the 40k era due to that.

    I hope before FW incorporates the GW Adeptus Mechanicus by making add-on kits to make new units. I hope we can bring some of our favorite 30k units into the 40k era.

    1. Well the Legio Cybernetica is apparently live and well in 40k so the likes of Thallax and Thanatars etc will be making an appearence (even as Relics etc maybe).
      We have been told that the Ordinatus that FW are working on now will not be in Tempest, which leads me to believe they are working on an IA now with Adeptus Mechanicus currently.
      I also believe book 6 will introduce the Dark Angels (Diamat) which was another Forge World, which featured Ordinatus, thus bringing Ordinatus to a 30k book (could even be a different mounted gun by that point too).
      Dark Mechanicum sure (technically already has been started with The Arch Magos from FW) and as the books progress some options to add Blasphemous items here and there should appear. Mars still may be a bit too early to see full Daemon engines etc (the Defiler in Garro is kind of frowned upon by the sounds of it). More likely to see things like Daemonic Knight Engines at Mars from what Alan said about the power plants on their backs.
      I can actually see GW do a Dark Mechanicus force eventually as Skitarii has been so successful.

      Oh yes. Vast differences. That is still the reason i am possibly going to stand off Skitarii for now.
      Take a 40k Space Marine. Eagle Armour, Godwyn pattern Bolter and Rides round in a Mk2c Rhino.
      Take a 30k Legionnaire. Maximus Armour, Phobos Bolter and Rides around in a Demios Rhino.
      I never decided to do a Horus Heresy force using 40k components as I knew it would not be correct.
      If these Skitarii are the equivalent of 40k components, I will not jump on board with them. A Skitarii force is a must for me at some point, they are needed for Fluffy battles, but I guess I can keep myself busy (and not start another project lol) until I am 100% happy.

      The kits are beautiful and I reckon they will. As long as they pass the CAD work to Edgar or similar I can imagine new heads, Back packs weapon arms etc too!

  5. Would you mind giving me the timeline entry for the Tau (I believe it's 2 pages after this your posted picture)

  6. howdy Bunnies!

    i've started a HH Skitarii collection of ideas thread on B&C:

    i still hope that FW will add Skitarii rules to Tempest in May, if not, we want to write our own "Mars Pattern Skitarii" list for 30k :p (as long as the Codex says, all of the units should be usable with some tweeks, only the Ironstriders were developed in early M.33)

    Atia =)

    1. Cheers for letting me know about the Ironstriders Atia :) have been moving so have not stuck my nose in deep in the Codex yet.

      I will be waiting until I get my usual one on one time with Sir Alan Bligh before I take my plunge on any units :)

  7. In the skitarii codex on page 6, the last paragraph mentions that the skitarii legions have fought along side the primarchs of legend. 😀

    1. Yup. I did a post about that a while ago. Same thing though as above, with the Eagle armour and Maximus armour comments; doesn't mean they are the same look Skitarii, same equipment etc. If the Codex Skitarii were same equipment, Loadout and formations before the Heresy, why isn't there a mention of either a random Great Crusade engagement or Horus Heresy battle. When the Imperial Knight Codex came out it listed many occasions and battles that the Knights were in pre-Heresy (including on Molech). There could have been at least a "on Calth Skitarii forces helped the Ultramarines Legion fight the Word Bearers" (which we all know and consider as gospel due to Know no Fear).

      The title pic also says that the Adeptus Mechanicus and Skitarii are born anew. Afte the Heresy the Astartes were born anew too as was the Imperial Guard.

  8. Also, what we see from "Know no Fear" and Abnett's "Titanicus" is that the Skitarii are more geared to close combat that to distance shooting. The theme of "feral" or "barbarian" looking armour is recurrent in both books. A particulary enlightened turn of phrase mentions "threat-posture type armour" in KnoF, which is enticing indeed. Cheers.