Saturday 11 April 2015

The dreaded moving day. . . . A hobbyists nightmare.

Today my collection will be relocating to a new Bunny hole. With masses of minis on display I cannot easily transport the Legions (and don't have time nor patience to wrap each individually). 

Vehicles (shocked to see how many of just my collection are WIP - have to change that this year!!) are getting transported carefully in a drawer. 

Prize ones on a different layer. 

Whilst minis will be on painting trays (held stoicly by Little Bunny from A-B on several trips - 5 painting trays). 

Just hope no disasters happen!!

Drake Seta


  1. Good luck. I always hated moving house with my collection. Maybe a new Bunny Garage specifically for your collection at the new place

  2. Good luck fella!
    I'm sure it'll all go down smoothly as long as the tides in the warp don't have other ideas 😉

  3. Good luck with the move mate, looks like you need a few stormbirds to move that lot!

  4. Only TV broken. . . . Successful move lol.

  5. Gutted :( well that's what you have house insurance for fella.
    As long as nothing was lost in the warp all is good :D