Friday 24 April 2015

Forge World Release 24/04/15

Today the 19th Legion rejoice. 

Beautiful Raven Guard upgrade packs have been released. The Followers of Corax must be pleased as when it rains it clearly has poured. 

We also Have the Vindicator with Laser Destroyer. 
And Deredeo Hellfire Plasma arms!

S7 Ap2 Heavy 4
S7 Ap2 Heavy 1, Gets Hot, Large Blast (5

Hellfire plasma cannonade (Sustained fire) 36" (Maximal fire) 36" 

Pretty exciting day. Corax gets closer. 

Drake Seta


  1. Nice! If it werent for Space Wolves being my next legion, and Night Lords my current, I would totally get into Raven Guard. In a way, I guess they're too similar in play to the Night Lords. I want something different.

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous raven guard bits!

  3. Well im happy :) come on corax

  4. Do we know are these replacing the existing RG upgrade pack as it would be a shame to lose the RG emblemed sternguard hooters and more elaborate shoulder pads

    1. Bolters not hooters my autocorrect has a filthy mind lol

    2. Lol. No. Know nothing regarding that. If they are both still up you might have your answer there.