Saturday 25 April 2015

Will my boy like the Heresy?

Hello World. 

I was blessed at the end of 2014 with a little fella. My partner and I decided to name him Nathaniel, a name we both appreciated for different reasons. 

Now little Nate is growing quickly and I can't help but wonder if he will have a future interest in the Horus Heresy. 

I got into the hobby when I was very young (about 8 years old). It started with my Grandad's passion for collecting Airfix kits and painting every one referencing historical data. I then was introduced to mini wargaming with Space Crusade and Hero Quest, as well as access to several others with models at an after school club. 

Many a time I have gone to Warhammer World and met Sons and Dads having gaming weekends and Tournaments together. 

I like to think that Nathaniel will grow up with an interest in the game and bug me all the time at the painting / gaming station - to get involved too. I can imagine seeing a gaming table full of ruins and tanks and warriors being very appealing to a young boy. 

I can imagine reading and telling him all of the Horus Heresy stories (bringing him up on them like I was with Star Wars). 

I can't be the only one out there who is / had thought about this when their baby came along. 

I just hope he has an interest in the Legions and game that his Dad loves, just like Little Bunny does. 

Drake Seta


  1. Awwwwww °_° little little bunny =)

    Congratulations! *part of the heresy ship, part of the heresy-crew* :P

    1. oh and: nathaniel sounds good :)


      *oh and: Imperial Knights shall get *soon* new goodies :P*

    2. Cheers Atia :) really appreciate it. Was toying with the idea of a Scimitar Jetbike Mobile for him :)

      Love the info you found on the Warden and Crusader. Really shocked they might be a dual kit though (was expecting a Crusader / Castellan dual kit and a Warden with 2 weapon options.

      Did you find a Thunderhawk redirect on the store? I seem to remember mention of it but could not find it.

    3. the thunderhawk redirect was for the forgeworld one :/

    4. Could the Warden and Crusader be FW ones too?

    5. nope^^ there were only existing forgeworld products (the newest one was the Deredeo Dread) ... also, we will get a new GW Knight Codex, Datacards aswell as the Warden/Crusader :P

  2. If I'd had a boy, wide was going to let me name him Vulkan, but a certain other sci-fi show had aliens spelled with a c. Doubt most people would understand a good strong godly name.
    I also read the background sections of the HH books to my daughter along with the usual baby books. Especially the background on the XVIIITH and XIXTH legions!

    1. Wife, not wide..... hope she doesn't see that!
      Damn auto correct!