Thursday 21 May 2015

Solar Auxilia force continued

After some time off hobby for many reasons we have all had a good kick-start back in. With the Warhammer World opening we have all got back down to business and first port of call was the Solar Auxilia army.

We have just started our volkite unit and they are looking well. So far they have been drybrushed with metal and had most of the red fatigues started on. A very good session for us to get us back in the habit. We will soon be cracking on again with our legion projects with a few knights and Mechanicum thrown in as well. See future posts for these updates.

For now here are a few pictures of our latest works on the Solar Auxilia unit mentioned above:

Check back soon for more work and posts from us here at the bunny camp.

Darko Thane


  1. Awesome. Feeling really motivated again!!

  2. out of curiosity but do you all find it easier to undercoat/paint on the spruce and then assemble the models?

    1. For these chaps it can be beneficial due to their arm positions and the numerical value which is represented on each model's sprue. We get to base stage, we then glue them on then highlight.