Friday 22 May 2015

New Forge World Airbrush paints

It's been a long time coming but here we are. 

The Forge World Airbrush Range collects together all 26 of Forge World’s airbrush paints into one, handy collection to make it easier for you to get the entire range.

Forge World Airbrush Paints are specially formulated acrylic paints designed to give great results with an airbrush, whilst retaining the perfect consistency for applying with a paint brush. This range of 26 paints includes flat colours and metallics, as well as clear colours which can be combined to create effects such as fades, blends, washes and for changing the shades and tones of other colours. Forge World Airbrush Paints are ideally suited for using with our Horus Heresy model range, as well as with all other Forge World and Citadel models and scenery.

We recommend using Forge World Clear Medium with your airbrush paints to improve their flow and provide a great aid to blending. We also recommend using Forge World Solution, which is ideal for thinning paints and for cleaning your airbrush.

People who want the beautiful glossy purple of the Emperor's children and the sea green of the Sons of Horus now have the ability to achieve these goals with a range of official paints. 

I for one am glad I have not got to my Vlka Fenryka or Night Lords yet, as the official colours should look fantastic. I do hope that the paints are of a better quality than the Citadel paints. 

We will update you with our review on these paints when we get our paws on them. 

Drake Seta


  1. Cool to get all those proper colours, but who on earth thought releasing a range or airbrush paints in fliptop lid pots was a good idea?

    1. Yeah I know. I do prefer the model air range paint drop tops. We'll see I guess.

    2. Seems to be the general consensus among us airbrush enthusiasts lol...

  2. Yeah, seems like an...odd design choice. Might have to try and decant these into dropper bottles or I'm going to need to buy some more pipets.

  3. $7 CAD per 20mil pot?! I wish them luck -_- There are thousands of great paints from dozens of lines out there for way less. I think experienced painters will pass them over just based on price alone. I'm a little sad. I was looking forward to these, but not at that price :(

    1. Indeed the price is very high, but that's to be expected with Forge World's low volume and (generally) high quality products. The price is even higher if you use disposable pipettes or have to buy empty dropper bottles to pour these into.

      But what you are paying for is, theoretically, a competitive paint that doesn't lose to the other high quality airbrush brands, and also TIME AND CONVENIENCE. Now you can get that beautiful metallic luster featured in the official FW studio paintjobs in a single bottle. It would take actually cost you MORE money and a lot of TIME AND EFFORT to use their method of spraying TWO different shades of Tamiya Clear (which isn't cheap either) over a metal basecoat for, say, Alpha Legion, or trying to mix up the perfect SoH green. Now you can just buy their premade bottles.

      People who have already perfected their ratios and personal legion color schemes won't need these paints, but I don't think FW was really targeting those guys anyway. This is for those of us who go "Oh, yeah I'd like to just buy a single pot of my legion color" instead of having to keep track of mix ratios and drip up new batches from time to time, or those who never could get the color quite right.

    2. Yeah, but you can get candy coats in a wide variety of colors from badger, liquitex, golden and mig too in higher quantities for less money and if you are painting an army? These won't go very far even through the AB. I think this is the first bone head move FW has made. You are right though, they will cash in on the lazy factor. ESPECIALLY if you can get them at your local GW. Hell, I might even pick up a pot or two if they were that accessible, just to try 'em out ;)

    3. Having done Death Guard and Iron Warriors to the current official Forge World scheme, I am slightly upset that the official scheme has now changed. I was looking at using a dark Blue auto air colour flip range paint for my Night Lords when I got round to them, but with a dedicated blue for that specific Legion having just come out I might have to jump straight onto this paint. I am a bit of a sucker for official schemes and have a list of every Forge World one currently being employed. The Sons of Horus scheme was ridiculously long-winded and complex to achieve.
      The new Horus Heresy painting Masterclass book which you will see soon will show how they employed the new paint range to achieve the new official schemes.
      It's a good time I think, and with the standard of the non-GW paints that FW recommend and use in their masterclass books, I can't imagine these will be chaff.
      Looking forward to the Imperial fist and Alpha Legion paints the most :)

    4. Which of the paints is aimed at Alpha Legion? I see a lot of colours named for specific Chapters (Mortarion Green, Angron Red... ) but none that suggest Alpha.

    5. Sorry I was just saying which I would be most looking forward to. There are many Legion ones which are not out yet including Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons, Vlka Fenryka (which I hope matches the scheme that they show on their banners) and Alpha Legion (assuming they come out).

  4. To be fair I'd rather use a pipet so I know how much paint I'm using. Plus you can get them on ebay for less than £2.50 delivered, so works out pretty good.

    The paints that really interest me are the transparent ones. Lots of creative possibilities there.

  5. Also. .. just a bit of fun and probably just a rumour but I thought you guys might appreciate this from Flail3 on Warseer :

    'Ok, so someone at my local was telling us about a rumour that forge world were being rather entertaining with the concept of omegon for 30k. He said a rumour had been going around that when asked at the warhammer world weekender whilst he was wandering the halls, allan bligh gave an entertaining answer. The question he asked was "Are you going to be releasing omegons rules or model soon?" to which allan reportedly said "who says we haven't already?". This gave rise to the rumour, that dynat, is omegon. This was furthered by the fact the model was released for a char we have no fluff for really whatsoever, and with extreme detail. Also the model (before counting its scenic base) is a good head taller than other astartes (alpharius/omegon in legion explained to be 2 meters 30, 30cm over an astartes). Finally when i sent an email off to forge world, they responded (in character of an alpha legion agent nonetheless which i found awesome) that they were grateful for the news of the rumour and wont tell the design team less they get lazy.... no denial at all. i emailed back again just asking so is this a yes or a no and they sent another reply saying "no answer received, records expunged". So might just be forge world customer service being awesome and playing in character, or a genuine (and i think awesome, especially as for others this could be an affordable primarch) thing. Thanks for taking the time.'

    1. I'm pretty sure that they are yanking everyone's chain:
      1. No way that FW/GW would miss the chance to sell a £65 model instead of a £30 one.
      2. They are twins so why is Dynat so much less powerful
      3. I'm sure I remember Bligh saying that Omegon wasn't in this part of the story (during a seminar)
      4. Surely (as they are twins who can pass themselves off as eachother) Alan's comment could well mean that Alpharius' rules and model could be used to represent Omegon?
      5. Maybe Alpharius' rules are actually Omegons and we are waiting on Alpharius?
      6. Maybe the Primarchs Alpharius is a state of mind?

      As cool as I think this all is, I highly doubt it. Sir Bligh was probably having a he did when he told us he had no idea when Conquest was going to be finished. Then at the next event he admitted it had been done for ages...The sad truth is; those in the know say nothing (or misdirect) and those not in the know say nothing (or misdirect) lol. Nice thought though :D

  6. Yeah, completely agree.

    It did make me smile though. I thought forgeworld's response was pretty cool.