Saturday 23 May 2015

Saturday Knight - House Vornherr

Saturday Knight: Vornherr

Hi all, I am here to talk to you about the loyalist house described in the latest Horus Heresy book; Tempest.

I aim to give you the following information; what suits they favoured, colour scheme, Segmentum, Homeworld, Loyalty, Lord and most importantly the Legions they may have quested with. 

This week; House Vornherr.

House Vornherr
Homeworld: Luhnborg-IX
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Colours: 'bloody scarlet and sun-fire yellow'
Lord: Duke Sorvak Bhaevenwulf - Cerastus Knight Acheron 'Surcease of Sorrow'
Discovered by: Rogue Trader Kohnwallis who was part of the 12th Expeditionary Fleets pathfinder units.
Allegiance: They were loyal to Roboute Guilliman and the 500 Worlds. Also ties to Legio Tempestus and Praesagius.
Known to have fought with Magnus, Dorn and Jaghatai Khan.

Originally there were 7 houses in Luhnborg System which fought each other for long centuries after Old Night. Eventually House Vornherr rose up and defeated the other 6 houses and claimed the assets. House Vornherr then defended the system against Xenos until the 12th Expeditionary fleet finally made contact. Rogue Trader Kohnwallis established communication and hostilities were deemed out of the question. Kohnwallis and Duke Khorvun Bhaevenwulf talked and House Vornherr agreed to join the Great Crusade.

They were present and central to many of 12th expeditionary fleets greatest victories and fought many times against Orks.

The House bowed the knee to Roboute Guilliman after a huge campaign on Jardingris. At this point they became defenders of the 500 Worlds.

Materiél strength. 
It is estimated that House Vornherr comprised of around 600 Knights at the Calth muster, this made them the largest knight house operating in the Eastern Fringe. The house was generally kitted out with Questoris class armours, predominantly Errant and Paladin types. Knight Lancers were used as a vanguard phalanx. The duke rode in an Acheron, attended to by a veteran Life Guard formation of Castigators.
Recommended Loadout;
Great Crusade and Horus Heresy ratio: I am going to do 1 of each Knight type.

Hope you enjoy. If you have attempted a Knight of this house already let me know below. 

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Khall Sithis


  1. Really like this Knight house. looks really grand.
    got an idea of what colours you will be using yet?

  2. I'm thinking Mephiston Red and Flash Gitz Yellow.

    1. I'd say Averland is possibly more suitable from the pics. Any aspiration on when u wanna do them?

    2. Want to do about 2500pts of Ultramarines to start with. Not planning anything past that just yet...maybe in a month or 2 depending on releases, group projects and finances. My aim is to complete my entire Ultramarine Legion, 5 House Vornherr Knights and 2 Legio Titans by the end of 2015.