Sunday 24 May 2015

Weekly Progress report is back!

The storm of life, moving, working and Nappies has relented and Heresy has emerged!!!

Khall has started his dream Legion - The Ultramarines. He has a large force already purchased and is looking at adding further over the next few months. Roboute Guilliman is in hand and washed. Khall is now waiting on Legion specific units mainly.

Recently Darko has made a start on his new project, which turns out is the Emperors Children. He has inherited these from Khall after a legion trade! He has recently acquired some phoenix guard, palatine blades and Rylanor the Unyielding.  He has so far prepared and undercoated said units and will look to progress more on these over the next coming week/s

Little Bunny and Drake (whilst Baby Bunny sleeps) have also been working on Execution Force. The group assigned Assassins to the Gamers who's Legion's best suited that assassin's background. Due to Mortarion and Russ's hatred for Sorcerors, Drake ended up with the Culexus. 
Targel got the Eversor (shooting from siege walls etc). 
Darko the Eversor (due to World Eaters). 
Khall the Callidus (due to Raven Guard).

That's all for this week. 

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  1. Great to see you guys getting back into swing of things! Keep up the good work!

  2. Khall must be frothing at the mouth lately with all these UM releases!

    1. Lol yup! Going crazy!!! I didn't get much done last week as I had some quality issues but FW are sending me replacements. Here is to hoping I get them quickly!!