Sunday, 31 May 2015

Upgrades For Forge World Primarch Models Coming?

Hi all!

Quick one tonight as the update report was delayed - truly sorry!!

I was reminiscing back to a conversation I had with the brilliant Simon Egan at the Grand Opening and I remembered a tidbit he gave me; I asked about the potential future release of helmets for the Primarch models and Simon replied that it is on the list of projects but he had no idea when. There would potentially be other bits too like alternate weapons etc. 

Vulkans Helmet on Istvaan V:

Alpharius will probably come with one as standard:

I personally feel this would be a fantastic move for the company as I really struggled to find a suitable Fireblade for Fulgrim last year. In the end I had to pay £30 odd for a model that largely got thrown away lol.

Lion Helm:
It's Pre Heresy version:

What upgrades would you all like to see to the character range? Maybe a grill for Mortarion? 
From Blades of the Traitor:

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Khall Sithis


  1. I like your thought train Khall,
    Morty getting a grill would be ace and having the alternative weapons and heads would be nice and brings a bit of customization to the primarchs too so in my book its a win win situation. :)

  2. the lion's helm was different if I recalled ... at least back then.
    More ornamented and with the vibe of the rest of the lion bodyguards

    1. I sent both pictures of it's iterations to Khall last night. The Pre Heresy one has been uploaded now above. It looks great. Happy that it isn't categorically the Mk7 helm with wings.

  3. I'd love some sort of helmet for Curze. You'll notice on the model - he's not wearing the corona nox :)

    1. Very good shout. I had forgotten that over the years.

  4. It could be amazing, making original and classy helmets or alternate weapons for Primarchs is a difficult task, I understand your pain Khall...^^

    A Corona Nox for Curze would be fantastic, especially with a more dark and "regal" face. FW's Curze is one of my favorite miniature among the Primarchs, but he looks too... openly sadistic. Good for the Heresy as he descends into madness, but not for the early Great Crusade, in my opinion.

    The choice is logical, but... Well I'm never fully satisfied about most of the recent depictions of Curze, always having personal expectations for my favorite Primarch. X^)

  5. Forge world announced that they were making models for primarchs at each stage of the heresy. Mortarions next model will likely have the grill and the third will be daemon, on the other other hand I want fireblade for fulgrim and forgebreaker less arms for ferrus

    1. Yup that is completely true. We also took a pic of alternative Smug Fulgrim when he was first released. We are all still expecting to see multiples / different variations on all the Primarch's. Would love to see GC versions, HH versions and Daemon / scouring versions of them all. Angron with his double handed Axe In GC, Dorn with his Sword as described in many stories (not Chainsword), Fulgrim and Ferrus with their respective swapped Weapons too.

      Not sure if the different heads / weapons could be sold separately, but would like to see. My Mortarion's head would be swapped in a second (even if for £10!).

  6. Do you think that they will finish all 18 first before re-visiting? I think releasing alternative heads and weapons is something they could do before that point quite easily. Would love to see guilliman with a more imposing weapon.

    Do you guys have any idea or theories on release order for the last primarchs? Who is up next?


    1. I'd say that complete depends on if they do prospero before or after signus and whatever the dark angels are doing.

    2. According to Bligh; the next book is still up in the air. Given a choice I would prefer to see the Dark Angels v Sons of Horus on Diamat and the Thramas Crusade.
      But I think they will probably end up with Prospero.

      Release order I believe is: Perturabo, Corax, Dorn then Alpharius. Dorn and Alpharius could swap round though.
      Edgar, Egan, Edgar, Egan.

    3. How about the Martian Civil War?

      That would tie in with the Admech releases, and give the designer's some time to catch up and finish more Primarchs?

      My gut feeling is still Prospero though tbh.

    4. Would be cool but I seem to remember it is not on their radar yet.

      the intention is that the designers will get all the Primarchs done before the next book (circa Xmas).

  7. Personally, I'd like to see more weapon options made. More power weapons for terminators, storm shields, combat shields, mkVI sets like the rest; command squad, assault squads etc.