Thursday 28 May 2015

Solar Auxilia continued

So more progress has been made on the Solar Auxilia Volkite squad. Slowly but surely coming along we have been able to complete the red fatigues and next we will be able to further finish the clothing and the weapons and shall finish the squad in due course.

Apologies for the short report but here is how they are looking so far:

Check back soon for more from us :)

Darko Thane


  1. I have started prepping the Command squad now which just came out :)

  2. Nice! Question how do you paint all of them seperately this way? I mean when i paint mine, i prepare the weapon with the torso. But the way you do it, when you cut the piece of injection resine, wont the resine show when you will glue them on the torso?

    1. Hey buddy. Well we paint all of the base layers first and only when it is put together do we continue to the layering and wash stages (after minute touch ups where pieces join and resin is seen through). We always are very careful with the glue etc too so no white frosting is seen.