Thursday 28 May 2015

Forge World Warlord Titan: How will you outfit yours?

With the Beautiful Warlord Titan due to go on sale this month I want to ask the community a few questions based on what has been showcased so far. 

The Head is sold separately from the main Torso. I assume it is to keep the costs down instead of providing both heads. The Torso is apparently £900. 

There are two head options and arm pit shield options so far. 

1) Gated face with extra armour plates instead of shields. 

I do like this option and feel it would be more suitable for certain Legios over others. The extra plates instead of shields make me think it is a more functional design too. That makes me think it is more akin to Legio Metalica, Mortis and the Fire Wasps. 
The head seen from the side below does look very interesting.

2) Knightly (Spot the Bonafied legend in the background too). 
This strikes me as a Legio Gryphonicus, Legio Presageous etc style design, with the Heraldic shields and Fleur de lys style trim. 

It is more aesthetically appealing in my opinion, but mainly for certain Legios. 

Or alternatively you can buy all options and magnetise the hell out of it and swap out the banners and treat it as different Titans in the same house colours. 

The arm pit plates strike me as slots designed for further eventual upgrades too. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. "Or alternatively you can buy all options and magnetise the hell out of it and swap out the banners and treat it as different Titans in the same house colours."

    tbh, i think that's really the best solution - as far as i know, the shields came with the head, so it's duable! :)


  2. I'll be going for head number 1, my legio is destined to be Metalica and like you said it fits their style better, especially for my lead engine anyway. If a fit of madness strikes me and I go for a second one I'll consider getting the other head for variation.

  3. DP told me that a Lucius style head is in the works too and the power fist is nearly finished. Can't wait to see more heads and weapons.

    Magnets, magnets, magnets; )

    1. Really?! That's cool. I wonder if they could just change the plates slightly and release it again as a whole Lucius Engine based on the same Skeleton.

    2. Yea for sure about the head.

      They could maybe make a Lucius Pattern by designing some new plates but I didn't ask if they intended to.

      Wish I had now ;)

  4. I would think that magnets would be best to start with, and then if you get more in the future you can stick them

  5. +everyone. Magnets. Though you might have to special order some for the weight of this guy!

    I like carapace option one, but not with that head. Need a third head option.

  6. A more Lucius style head would be great in my opinion, but I like the Knight one.

    I can't wait to see the other weapons, especially the Sunfury plasma annihilator and the claw. Given the unholy price of the beast and the variety of weapons it can bear, magnetizing is a must do. ^^

    Whatever people may say about the waste of energy and money the production of such a "bigature" is, the Warlord is still an awesome release. Waiting or the Imperator now... :^P

    1. Lord I pray not. They could not create an Imperator to a correct scale in my opinion. It has a Skyshield on its back for Throne sake lol.
      Maybe a Fancy dress costume.

  7. Considering it can only be used in like 12k pt battles I will probably wait until I win the lottery...

    When that happens I will buy multiples of everything lol

  8. Haha I have neither the time nor the tools needed to do one of those things justice. If I was going to though, I'd probably have to go with some kind of magnet system if I could find magnets I'm ready to trust with something I spent that much money on...

    As for options: I like the "knight" helm more than the other one. Also, I think the missiles look more "realistic" (for lack of a better word) than the lasers. Lasers being a direct fire/hitscan type weapon they would have to be able to point down if they wanted to shoot anything below shoulder level and they just don't look like they can. Incidentally this is the reason I'm not a huge fan of the Thunderhawk. The lasers look so much more intimidating than that tiny missile pack though...

  9. I'd like to see a Corvus Assault pod.
    Basically it was an assault boat/fist that the Titan would punch into a building and then out poured the marines assaulting said building.
    Got to have a massive chainsaw/fist too not just a powerfist.
    Maybe the old school chaos Titan weapon tails would be cool too.
    Just a few thoughts.

    1. I spent some time pitching the Corvus Assault pod to them at the open day. I thought it was worth a try. ;)

    2. Would be great to see guys. I am a fan of the Coffin ships too (Both as a Titan Transfer case and a gaming piece).

  10. 1 is the head design from the Adeptus Titanicus box cover and much of the art and the unreleased metal titans used in almost all the colour mini pics.,%20Copyright%20Games%20Workshop,%20Retro%20Review,%20Titan,%20White%20Dwarf.jpg

    The actual plastic titans in the box had a choice of two heads, one a knightly-ish one and the other looking like a helmet wearing stylised skull. The two titans heads in this cover art are based on those heads.from the plastic kit

    I'd like to see the helmeted skull design show up, but alas i will likely never afford a forgeworld titan.