Wednesday 27 May 2015


Hi all

Since attending the Warhammer Grand Opening, I have been re motivated in making so more progress with my legions. So I went on a washing spree and washed every single unwashed model I have.

This consisted of:
20 breachers
10 mk4 and mk3 dispoiler marines.
2 of each of the upgrade kits for the Impirial Fist squads
Storm Eagle
Imperial Fists contemptor including weapons
Various Imperial Fists shoulder pads, heads and torsos.
5 Gal Vorbak
And finally a Mahra Gal Tainted Dreadnaught.

As you can imagine this did take some time but I am
Hoping to do all of my current Imperial Fists in one go so it will all be worth it in the end :-)  


  1. How long do you soak your miniatures for guys? I need to make a dent in my backlog also... good luck

  2. I soaked mine for about 6-7 hours with water and fairy power spray

  3. Apparently Fairy Powerspray has changed its formula and FW now say it's not as effective.

    They suggest using a non granulated Swarfega. I bought some. It's pretty good but has melted my hand...use gloves lol

    1. Also, only takes 5 minutes in its directions of use.

    2. I told you to get gloves silly billy.

    3. The power spray I use has worked well for me with no issues. But obviously takes a bit longer. But that fitted my lifestyle a lot better

    4. The formula change is quite recent. Hold on to that beautiful liquid gold.

  4. Thanks for the info guys... I love FW but I find working with resin to be a bit daunting anything that makes it easier is welcome. Can I ask how much powerspray do you use? Do you just add it to the water or apply it to the miniatures first? Sorry with all the questions I just really need to get this step down.

    1. I would suggest Swarfega. Get loads at Halfords for about £6. Make sure it's non-granulated. Then I soaked my models neat for a few hours, scrubbed with a firm brush, rinsed until water runs clear and you can tell by the feel of the models surface!

  5. I sprayed the models first and then added the water