Wednesday 17 June 2015

Culexus Assassin

Hi all 

I am listening through Jim Swallows' Nemesis and loving it more on audio than I did the book. Great story and cool characters. 

We managed to get Execution Force recently as a group gift from advertising revenue we make from the blog (yes it goes to fund our resin crack addiction), and the Assassins were divided up amongst the Bunnies with the Chaos forces going to little Bunny. I managed to get the Culexus assassin (which I feel goes with my hating Psykers theme with the Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka) which is my favourite of all the Assassins.

Now to plod on with my Grave Warden. 

Drake Seta


One of my favourite plastic individual characters yet.

Painting the suit was fun and easy. I sprayed it Chaos black, drybrushed Dark reaper over it zenithally and then edge highlighted the proud surfaces. The rest was following the White Dwarf painting guide. 

He has some great and extremely fluffy rules. 

Decided to add some energy pulsating lines in the gaps of the helm instead of treating them as grooves. 

Drake Seta