Monday 15 June 2015

Forge World Bulletin 15/06/2015

Another Bulletin. This one shows off one of the Bloodslaves which are double hard and companions to the Next Word Bearer to come out. Detail just gets better and better. Roll on Argel Tal's model eventually!

It also shows off a finished Solar Auxilia command squad. 

Beautiful model which I actually assembled our one of 2 days ago. In Khall's hands now. 

This banner seems to be another actual transfer. Hopefully we will be seeing more Heresy Transfers shortly and some for the Solar Auxilia. 

Also I have the costs for a Warlord Titan now:
Body is £900. 
Head is £60 (the grilled one shown but not painted is possibly a Warhammer World exclusive). 
Volcano cannon £85 each. 
Laser Blasters £110 for the pair (carapace mounted). 

Still no confirmation of release date sadly. 

Drake Seta


  1. He looks glorious! I don't like Word Bearers, but daaaaamn!

    1. Oh wait I didn't read that properly... It isn't Argel. Can't imagine how badass he's gonna be!

    2. I wonder if this means he will be available at the open day? My wallet will take a battering lol

  2. Hmmmmm
    For when even "awesome" isn't enough.