Monday 29 June 2015

Forge World Bulletin 29/06/15. Warlords.

Hi all. 
Very excited for the open day now, and also very excited about getting my hands on my Warlord that I will be collecting that day. 

So what has been Bulleted by Chris at FW today?

Apocalypse Missile launchers. I will be buying these when they become available as I think they fit in very well with the Legio Mortis vibe. It is great to know that all the Carapace Weapons are Hot swappable so we can change our Loadouts on the fly. 

The Warlord Titans are also in cabinets now for perusal at Warhammer World and Forge World shop. 

Now to hopefully see some teasers this week for the Openday. 

Follow us on Facebook and don't forget to check our on the fly coverage on Saturday. Also for the first time we will be uploading High Res images in the evening. 

Drake Seta


  1. Getting my Warlord Tomorrow.

    For people going to the Forge World Open Day there will be 10 Warlords at the event to buy.

    1. Nice. They will go in the first 20 people :)
      Mine has been dispatched too now. Very excited. Looking forward to chatting to Paul Rudge and Mark Bedford regarding paintings the main frame. Looks a lot brighter than the used on the Reaver in masterclass 2. Maybe because it is 10,000 years earlier?

    2. Started making my Warlord today.