Sunday 28 June 2015

Forge World Open Day Predictions

Hi all. 

Instead of our normal weekly progress report, we have decided that since it is only 1 week until the Forge World Open Day, we are going to give our predictions to what we think we will see there. So sit back and enjoy :-)

Khall Sithis

I think we will see the Invictarii Suzereins available for the first time to purchase as well as the new Word Bearer unit and maybe the Sokar.
I think, if any, Perturabo will be the Primarch available for the first time and I hope that we may see Remus Ventanus available too. 
They usually have a few work in progress bits so maybe a couple more upgrade packs for legions who have currently had no love and maybe the rest of the Ultramarine specific units too.
Finally I think that the masterclass paint guides will be there to purchase.

If all this happens it will be a very successful even indeed.

Drake Seta

I am really hoping to see a Primarch for sale. FW really are running out of events they can release models at this year and with Dorn, Corax, Perturabo and Alpharius aimed to be completed by the end of this year, I really hope one is there. 
I do hope to see Perturabo there as I believe this is who Edgar is working on. I also think Keith Robertson is working on some Iron Warrior squads after finishing with the Fists. After that I believe the Thunderhawk Landing pad will be available which we previewed first to the world at HH Weekender. Also would hope to see maybe the White Scar mk2 squad upgrade up for sale. The Sokar and Ordinatus are skirting being finished so I would say they may not be there. 
Character-wise I think a shocker may be previewed from the first book. 

Looking forward to it :-)

Darko Thane

i think that we will see a few of the releases previewed at the Warhammer World opening day such as the Sokar. I presume we will see a Primarch and a character at this event. Everyone reckons it will be Perturabo but I think a surprise is in store. Highly doubt it will be Alpharius but I reckon Corax is a good shout. Would like to see a new terrain piece. Been a long while since we saw one of those so would be nice to see some new ground to fight on

So that concludes our predictions for next week. Please comment below with what you think/hope to see there. As always, the bunnies will be at the event giving you updates and pictures throughout the day. However, for the first time we will also be posting high definition photos later in the evening so make sure you keep checking in throughout the day

Take care and maybe we'll see some of you there :-) 

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  1. Can't wait for pictures. I'm (im) patiently watching for previews and releases. As I type this I'm on the Forge World website to put the Crusade Army and Isstvan Legions into the basket ready for next pay day. Want to see which legion has my favourite models before settling on one.

    Currently, it's between Raven Guard and Sons of Horus. Former yet to get Primarch and units.

  2. My guess is Perturabo and Ordinatus for sale, possibly the chaos knights too. Plus various Ultramarines and Wordbearers already previewed.

    And a preview of Corax.

    Beyond that I haven't got a clue. If they really are gonna get all the Primarchs done this year, they're gonna have to get some other sculptors involved. Maybe whoever did Sevatar, Pollux and Sigismund. As they're all fantastic.

    I can't see how they'll fit these in with book 6 coming at the end of 2015. As logically, we'd expect a Primarch to go with the release of whichever book they end up doing.

    That'd mean 5 Primarchs before the end of the year.

    Can't wait to get some info next week. Especially on which book is next.

    1. The really talented Steve Whitehead did Sevatar. He also worked on the Night Lord upgrades, doors and squads. As he also worked on the Alpha Legion doors and the great Emperor's Children Palatine Blades, I would really like to see him hit Eidolon, Tarvitz, Exodus at least.

  3. All I ask. All I want. All I need for thrones sake is something Raven Guard. Please Please Please FW, just, through me a bone and show me something Corax related, even if only his foot, i dont care...

    1. +1

      I'm anxious to see him, because I'm quite worried what they'll do with Corax.

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  4. My prediction would be they will show the WIP sculpt of Ventanus (I hope!!), release the suzerains, the Ultramarines contemptor, and show off a primarch. Also i think the White scars uprgrade kit will be shown.

  5. Guilliman, as much I like him, being pushed in front of several primarchs due some love really sucks.

    Where's Corax? Dorn?

  6. It is quite some time after storm bird fist show up, hope to see the finish model.

  7. I'm going to go with something crazy and say Space Wolves. I don't know if anyone noticed but the SW transfer sheet is no longer available, and that disappeared a week or so after I emailed and asked when a SW legion transfer sheet might be available and then replying saying something about how the HH release schedule could change...

    1. Possibility Dave, but I think that may be because of the GW one just being released. May see Vlka Fenryka art at Warhammerfest if they decide on it being next book.

    2. There was no SW transfer sheet released by GW. The shoulder pads are nice and come in handy but only the BA, DA and ultramarines got transfers

  8. I think some more transfers, Imperial Fists please! other than that I think mostly stuff from the Warhammer World opening day in finer detail. Mayhaps more knights/Ad-mech stuff?