Saturday 13 June 2015

Ordo Titanica; Legio Praesagius - The True Messengers

Tonight we look at Legio Praesagius from Book 5: Tempest as I still battle with my Ultramarine colour scheme lol. So here it is:

Title: The Legio Praesagius Ordo Titanica
Militaris Grade: Secundus
Patent: Post-Unification, Martian Mechanicum
Warden Domain (by M31): Gantz (Forge World)
Cognomen: The True Messengers
Allied War Houses: None
Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus

Legio Praesagius left the Sol System as a Vanguard of the Great Crusade and saw over 2 Centuries of war. Renowned for its precision fighting style which lead to reduced human casualties - they didn't kill people who could be useful in the expanding imperium. Other Titan Legions became jealous of Legio Praesagius's record and reputation at conquering good, usable worlds. The Legio preferred to use precision firepower in the form of turbo lasers and volcano cannon, perfect for long range duelling. As the Great Crusade continued, many of the more renowned warriors used chainfist and power gauntlets.

Their chief rivals were those of Legio Mortis and Suturvora, who labelled Praesagius as cowards avoiding the realities of war. It is believed that this was merely jealousy at the rewards and accolades that were garnered on the noble Legio. 

Legio Praesagius were pitched increasingly into the most brutal conflicts of the Great Crusade - very often alongside the 13th and 17th Legions. 

By the dawning of the 31st Millennium the Legio had suffered substantial losses and damage, becoming unable to maintain the pace at the front of the Great Crusade. Roboute Guilliman arranged for Praesagius to be refitted on the Forge World of Gantz.
Here the Legio stayed for 7 years. During this time it was rare for an Ultramarine force to leave Ultramar without at least a maniple of the True Messengers. By 006.M31 the Legio was back at full strength.

Materiel Strength:
At their birth, Legio Praesagius had a large amount of Warlord, Carnivore and Mirage class Titans. They also had access to Emperor Titans of the Warmonger and Nemesis classes.

After its time on Gantz, the Legio was almost exclusively made up of Warlord and Reaver classes, with only a few remaining Emperor and Warhound class engines. 

Khall's proposal:
I intend to do the following engines for my Legio Praesagius:
2 Warhounds
1 Reaver
1 Warlord

I am completely in love with this Legio's fluff. I intend to do an engine for them before the end of the year. What do you think of them? 

Khall 😊


  1. I like models with history......anything else is just a toy......and I also dig the turbolasers and volcano cannons. Can't wait to see your engines up and painted.

    1. I completely agree TK. :)

    2. I love this Legio background, it fits very well with the Ultramarines. A bit of nobility is always welcome. And their colour scheme is great!

      Can't wait to see your Titans, I am always a big fan of these metal beasts. If you are interrested in, I am making a fandex for the Adeptus Titanicus with some fellows, I could share it with you for your games between friends. ;^)

  2. I'm wrestling with Ultramarine color scheme as well... I know that I want to do a much darker blue, probably glossy, with matte white accent and shiny gold trim. How dark the blue is the key. I don't want nearly black and I don't want them to resemble Night Lords, but I don't like the traditional blue. Looking at an indigo blue or true navy, like a navy blazer with bright gold buttons

    1. Hi Keith. The official scheme from GW is very Dark but not Night Lord Dark;

      Take a look at this video on YouTube:

    2. Yes, I've seen that video, but I'm thinking darker than that. I see Night Lords as sooo dark they're nearly black, and Ultramarines just a tick above them. I'm going to have to try it out and post some pics... I think my vision is not the official color scheme from GW. I'm thinking Forge World's vision, just a little darker. I'll post a pic of the blue I'm thinking of on the Facebook page

    3. Hi Keith

      I was really tempted by a dark scheme to make them more realistic. However, after seeing the artwork in Tempest and reviewing the descriptions in the novels, the legion is described as being cobalt blue which is quite vibrant. I really want a blue like the one on the Deredeo. I have mixed the colours as per the scheme used on it and it didn't come out even slightly close. I am now investigating other colour ranges lol can't wait to see what you do too :)

  3. Any info on a legion/knight house that had served with the XVIIITH? Haven't been able to find anything.

    1. Hi Brandon. No there isn't any information yet. I feel another one of my charts coming :)