Wednesday 24 June 2015

Painting schedule. Trying to keep Work in Progress projects to a minimum.

Hi all. Thought I would just share my current project list. The group regularly comment that I start something, get bored or distracted by something else which is "now a priority" get halfway through then get another "priority" started. 
Here is my current Painting schedule. It is what I am trying to tie myself down to so I don't go off the rails again. 

21 Grave Warden including Calas Typhon. About 50% through. 
3 House Raven Knights. About 50% through. 
1 Legio Mortis Warlord and Reaver. Reaver is 80% assembled, Warlord is to be purchased on the 05th of July. 
4 House Makabius Knights. Castigator and Lancer in bag, 2 Paladins assembled.
8 Death Guard Tactical Legionnaires. Purchased
Captain Holgoarg of the Death Guard. Purchased all components. 
2 Legio Ignatum (Fire Wasps) Warhounds. Purchased. 
2 Death Guard Contemptors. About 50% through. 
2 Death Guard Apothecaries. About 30% through. 
1 Iron Warrior Rhino. 40% through. 
3 Iron Warrior Basilisks. 40% through
5 Death Guard with Plasma Cannons. Purchased. 
1 Iron Warrior Typhon. 40% through. 
1 Iron Warrior Falchion. 40% through. 
Night Lord Legion. Started assembling. Need to rebase. 
Vlka Fenryka Legion. 
Adeptus Custodes. 
Sisters of Silence. 
Drop everything Priorities. 
Perturabo. When he comes out I will be getting and painting him within the first week of him being unveiled. 
Iron Warrior transfers. The chaps in the Cupboard look Chevron and Sigil bare. The infantry will have Transfers applied the week I get them. Very much looking forward to the banner. 
Golg and Kyr. These two characters I sincerely hope get models. Kyr was such a awesome sounding character in Extermination that I really hope they release him.

Raven and the 2 Death Guard Contemptors WIP. 

Calas Typhon and 20 Grave Warden. Not too much more on Torsos and legs now. 

Typhon and a Falchion stuck on the production line. 

3 Basilisks and a Rhino begging to be completed. 

Night Lords are mostly assembled. Have to rebase them before I go any further. Tried out the new FW Night Lord blue tonight. Really smooth with great pigment. 

Also have the Group's Solar Auxilia and Mechanicum to paint when It is my turn. 

And amassing an Ork Army from ebay. All WIP none finished. Not happy with skin tone so need to swap it up. Might get the Bunnies round to run a hobby train on them for a Pizza and Painting an army day. 

Well, as Khall says; how do you eat an elephant? 
One mouthful at a time. 

How are you managing your painting projects? Do you have a list? Why not comment below :)

Drake Seta


  1. Ah the legendary project schedule ;) gonna be great once everything is done :)

  2. No project is ever truly finished. I tend to get one project to a level that I can use (usually 2000 points painted) then just add stuff as I go. I hate having projects that aren't at a level I can play with.

    1. Yeah me too. I just sometimes bite off more than I can chew. None of my Death Guard infantry are finished. I need revisit them all, dirty them up with some streaking, finish their bases / change to 32mm and airbrush some grime at the bottom of their feet. Going to do as one when I get all infantry up to a useable standard.

  3. I've got Vulkan assembled and waiting for an undercoat
    10 Firedrake terminators of which 7 are built
    A 5 man Pyroclast squad built and undercoated
    also the Iron Hands Iron Father model I intend to use as a Salamander Forge Father is built and undercoated!
    I know I need lots of tactical marines but I cant justify the price!! Fingers crossed for plastic HH!!

  4. I'm not a modeller or painter, so I'll be having models commission painted.

    But it is still difficult to prioritize when there's too much cool and so little time, and miniature fund. I can't wait for Perturabo, the artwork of him on Angel Exterminatus makes me believe he'll be awesome. But the model I'm waiting for is a Warsmith. Thinking of converting a Warpsmith or Techmarine if necessary, but hope Forge World saves me the trouble.... (of commissioning it).

    1. I had a whole thing written out summarising that I consider myself now a Collector first, painter second and Gamer third. Which is shocking as my favourite part of the hobby is the Gaming side of it. We at the Battle Bunnies just strive to do everything Justice, hence no unpainted models, but we do get together twice a week to paint or have a small battle.

    2. Your efforts pay off.
      Your battle report was fantastic, and the painted models and scenery contributed immensely to that.

  5. Always makes me feel a lot better about my own painting backlog, when I hear from other hobbyists about theirs.

    I tend to buy stuff cos I love the models, then paint them when I can. Though I seem to buy them a lot quicker than I can paint them.

    Seems this is the norm for a lot of folks though and is, in itself, an enjoyable part of the hobby ;)

    1. Yeah I agree. 3 Categories I reckon. Collector

      I'd consider myself as a Collector-Gamer where I paint just to complete my collection.

  6. I feel you! There never seems to be a time where my to-paint list can fit on one A4 sheet! Looking forward to see some shots of your finished legions.

    1. It's good to have a list and only allow yourself to buy more when u take one thing off the list. Good advice but I don't even follow it!

  7. So many awesome things!!!!!!!

  8. Glad I'm not the only one! Although I'm more of an accumulator...

  9. I'm not as bad as you guys but I do have a lot to do. Currently I am focussing on 3 armies which are my nurgle marines, ultra marines and my orks. I've been trying for some time now to get everything sorted and paint towards a place where every once in a while i can just buy a kit and paint it up.

    i'm trying to keep the progress up on my blog ;)

    1. Yeah. I want to get to that stage desperately now. Less boxes more stuff on shelves too.

  10. I use Kanban Flow to keep track of my projects.

    1. Very good recommendation. Do you do it alone or with a group of gamers?

    2. I do it alone but Kanban is intended to work with groups too.