Monday 22 June 2015

Forge World Bulletin 22/06/2015

Here is a look at today's Ultramarine themed bulletin!

So let's start the ball rolling with a look at one of the Ultramarines unique units the Invictarii Suzerein:

What do you think of it? Myself, not too fond so far as I feel it just isn't very Roman. Maybe that's just me though lol look forward to seeing them painted and in person!

They also showed a couple of pictures of Paul Mooney's Ultramarines

Lots of UM love going around at the moment! If only I could get my blue perfect! I want it quick, easy and vibrant. Have you seen any nice schemes (with simple guides lol)? Link them below!

Until next time!



  1. I love the kit. Looks very cool. The shield is incredibly detailed and must be the product of 3d cad. The knee pads look great too. I think a squad of 10 of these next to about 20 Breachers on Armatura would be an awesome sight.

  2. John has a very simple UM recipe over on his blog. We used it for the NOCF Ultramarine charity army last year

    1. Thanks mate! Nice scheme! Will take a good look!

  3. The overall look of the Suzerains is fantastic, I can't wait to see more details about the armour. With a Roman style crest they will rock!

  4. i like..