Sunday 21 June 2015

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. 

The time has come for us bunnies to share with you guys/girls what we have been up to. So sit back and enjoy,

Drake Seta

Drake Seta is still piling through his 21 Grave Warden. All warp lock trims have been layered up to Runelord Brass now. He would love to get them done before the Warlord Titan is released.

Khall Sithis

Khall is STILL having trouble deciding on his Ultramarine scheme and as such is disappointed to admit that he has nothing to show this week again. He has been playing with another set of colours and the results look promising however the weather was poor this weekend which made airbrushing impossible. Let's see what he gets agreed this week!

Darko Thane

Darko has been attempting to make a continuation with his new EC army. He has now base sprayed the units in his possession and is now in process of spraying metal in accordance with Khall's scheme that was bestowed to him. Next will come the purple coat and then extra bits to finish off a nice chunk

Darko has also made a start on a new assassin model. He has plucked for the Eversor and has started construction

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know what progress you have made this week

Take care :-) 

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  1. Hey. It took me awhile to find a scheme that I liked for my ultramarines until I found mine. Dark blue from vallejo. Ultramarine blue. Wolf grey ultramarine blue mix. Wash gw nightshade. Ultramarine blue. Good is red good washed purple than brown. Highlighted with old gold then silver. I like it a lot more than the previous 5 schemes I had. Worth a shot unless you've done something similar.

    1. Have you got any pictures? Very interested in seeing them as it sounds great!

    2. If you're on the heresy30k forum I'm under DoL's ultramarines.