Monday, 8 June 2015

Solar Auxilia progress

Hi all

I would like to share with you guys our progress with our current group project. So here you go :-)

We have decided to do a 10 man Solar Auxilia Flamer Section and 10 man Veletaris Storm Sections together. 

I have really enjoyed painting more of these guys and the model range are really going from strength to strength. I can not wait to see these guys completed and on the battlefield so stay tuned.

Take care :-)

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  1. Looking forward to grabbing them again. Loving the Solar Auxilia range. What do you think of the detail Targel?

  2. The detail is just crazy good. They have done a really good job on these

  3. Nice! Was wondering how your Auxilia Basilisk/Medusas are coming along? There are so few people doing SA logs (that I can find) on the internet. I'd love to see some progress pics!

    1. We are going to put the command squad into the mix then I will be spraying the tanks. Not too long now.