Sunday 5 July 2015

Dark Angel, Blood Angel and White Scar Legion Upgrades

Hi all. We have more information regarding Book 6!

Looks like another Pick up book featuring the Shattered Legions and possible Appendixes which feature rules for the Blood Angel, Dark Angel and White Scars. 

It will not include Primarch, Special Character or special squads rules. 

Dark Angels (mk2 upgrade). 

Blood Angel upgrades (mk4). 

Great news in my opinion. I can't wait for the Vlka Fenryka and Thousand Sons. 

Drake Seta


  1. Great job with the blogging as always and amazing minis of course.
    Just wondering if there's any news on the next special edition at all (book 5 just isn't sitting right with the others at the moment) and also if you got some pics of the legion techmarines, the ones I've seen of them so far have been very poor quality.

    1. I thought they expected us to use GW techmarines as legion techmarines. Now i'm excited!

    2. Hi Ben. Cheers.

      Yup I have put them up now.

      Would be great to see another special ed book / holder case to hold 4/5/6. I use the special ed Conquest case to hold the thin books from the extermination book holder and put 1,2,3&4 in the big case.

  2. Oh sh**. The first legion? Finally. This is the part where i go broke :(

    *quiet "yay" my wallet can't hear*

  3. I've been waiting for the 1st Legion. Helmet and Torso Upgrades look AMAZING!!! But I'm a little underwhelmed by the logo for the shoulder pads. I know why they chose it, the Rhino Doors already have this logo with these wings. But I was hoping that FW would alter the wing and make it more elaborate, similar to the wings on the AGE OF SIGMAR Prosecutors models from GW. I love the artificial feathers ad the wing as a whole looks EPIC. While I haven't seen all the upgrades, I'm very underwhelmed by the Blood Angels upgrades, all of them. Very simplistic, and not elegant enough for what I thought FW would do. Certainly, FW can release squads and characters that embellish the DA and BA insignias, but I'll have to wait and see