Sunday, 5 July 2015

Primarch Perturabo of the Iron Warriors

Here are the pics of Perturabo. 

Climbing over a Cerastus corpse he is a huge model. Much better in person. 

A wrist cannon on each arm and Forge breaker. Optional empty hand. 

The Chevrons are embedded in. 

The armour plate from behind with the wrist cannon hoppers. 

Drake seta. 


  1. "Optional empty hand." Halleluja! And woaw he is even bulkier than i could make out from the picture. I am not disappointed.

  2. anyone thinking about the unrealistic amount of detail compare to ferrus' forgebreaker? ... is this even made by simon or is this version of the weapon so reforged perturabo replaced the head ???

    1. Woaw. You are right. I didn't even notice that. It hardly even looks like the same weapon.

    2. It says in forge breakers description for peturabo says he modified it after he got it. Thats why it also has blind.

    3. That is correct, but in comparison this is looks a lot more than just modified. It even has a visible power source on it, in contrast to Ferrus' Forgebreaker. I do accept it as modified, but i feel like they overdid it.

    4. Looks to me like a plainer, more functional, version of the weapon Fulgrim made. As it should be.

      It totally suits Perturabo's 'no frills' personality imo.

      Absolutely awesome model and he's huge! Noticeably bigger than Horus.

    5. I would agree with you, it does fit him and the original does fit the fact that Fulgrim made it, but as it stands i feel like it's too different from the original. As it is here it looks more like a reforged version whereas it should just have been modified. I'm not saying i like one version over the other though.

  3. I suppose thats true. Funny thing is, on Ferrus it has an X on the front even though fulgrim made it for himself.