Friday, 24 July 2015

New Forge World releases; Blood Slaves and Suzerain

Here we have an epic set of models released today. 
We have Zardu Layak:

Once a devout believer in all that the Imperium stood for, at the Battle of Calth it was clear to those who witnessed the atrocities he masterminded that Zardu Layak, the Crimson Apostle, had fallen completely into darkness along with the rest of the Word Bearers Legion. 

Suffused in dark powers which he used freely to destroy minds and bodies, Zardu Layak walked his bloody path accompanied by a pair of bodyguards, each unnaturally warped and contorted and possessed of great strength. Wielding the Anakatis blades, gifts bestowed upon them by Layak and weapons of unholy xenos influence and malevolent power, they cut a swathe through their master’s foes in a barely controlled hunger for slaughter. 

Zardu Layak & the Anakatis Kul Blade-slaves are part of Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series. These three models are all exceptionally sculpted, and the set includes two twisted and warp- infused Blade-slaves wielding plasma pistols and their tainted xenos weapons, and their master, Zardu Layak, in highly detailed armour and wielding a force stave hung with trophies of his dark arts. 

Rules for using Zardu Layak & the Anakatis Kul Blade-slaves can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest.

The Rules for his Blood Slaves are incredible. He is not too fantastic but his Bodyguard are. 

Held up as paragons of honour and duty amongst their fellow Legiones Astartes, Invictarus Suzerains are warriors of great renown, elevated above the line units to serve their Primarch, Roboute Guilliman, and the Tetrarchs of Ultramar directly. They can be found at the most critical points on any battlefield or where the fighting is thickest, leading their brothers to victory through their own acts of valour and bravery. 

Chosen to be the living embodiments of their Primarch’s rule, Invictarus Suzerains are equipped with some of the finest weapons and wargear their Legion possesses. Their ornate armour shines with the light of Guilliman’s wisdom and authority; their exquisitely wrought boarding shields hold anarchy and disorder at bay and the Legatine power axes they wield with deadly effect dispense instant judgement upon any who would dare to defy their Primarch’s will. 

The detail on these warriors is amazing. I believe they (or at least their shields) were 3d sculpted. Great dynamic poses. 

Etched brass for Word Bearers has been a long time coming. 

Cor'Bax has had a lick of paint and he looks incredible. Really grim Dark. Trish is a fantastic Sculpter, hopefully she does all Daemon Primarchs eventually

Drake Seta


  1. This is probably one of my favorite FW releases to date. The amazing details on Zardu Layak and his posse as well as the Invictarus Suzerain really goes a long way. I simply just want it all!

  2. I really like Layak's body proportions, Astartes often look to big headed...^^
    Suzerains are dreamy, I just can't control myself. But... Holy Emperor, the price! My wallet needs some psychological support if I want a whole force of them...

    1. £120 for 10 is extortionate lol. I will have to sadly wait a few months lol.

      That's £46 more than the Iron Hands equivalent (per 10)!!

    2. Well, it's still cheaper than plastic GW clampacks, but still...^^
      Given the side of your army, I assume your credit card needs some cooldown, we all know that buying FW is the financial equivalent of chainfiring with a twin plasma pistol Moritat.

      I wonder if 3d sculpt could be the reason - read "debatable excuse"- for that unholy amount of money. 3d sculpted Solar Auxilia units are costy-costy too, especially the command squad...

      Anyway, I need at least 10 of them. With crests from Scibor's Roman legionaries and some cloaks they will be the very unit I have wanted since I began playing Ultramarines.

    3. Mark Bedford sculpted these. What cloaks you going to use?

    4. Hmm I didn't know it was him, but I'm not surprised. Thanks for the information!
      I don't know yet for the cloaks. Maybe I will use some green stuff if I don't find anything appealing. Have you some good advises about it?

    5. No :( I would like to get some good ones!

  3. As usual, the releases look great.

    As usual, I'm super butthurt about the lack of Alpha Legion and Raven Guard special units.

    Muh butt.

    1. Atleast we know that the Mor Deythan are close to ready. :)

    2. I'm hoping to see Headhunter Kill Teams soon, as well.

      I'm happy working on my Sons of Horus, for now.

    3. I would love to see some Headhunters too and i'm happy they didn't just tell us that the upgrade kits are the way to make the unit like they did with Terror Squads.. Not that the upgrade kit for Terror Squads isn't cool, but as all other legions get upgrade kits, it feels like Night Lords get left in the dark (pun intended).

  4. OMFG Those blood slaves are incredible.

  5. Next releases; warlord missile pods and emperor's children character. Eidolon?

  6. Has to be Eidolon. The model is gorgeous.

    Be great for them to keep the speed up on Warlord Releases. The Heads may be cosmetic but I hope they do a shed load of them.

  7. It's curious to me that they didn't cut away the connecting bits inside the staff before painting him. When he was showed at Warhammer World I'd assumed they were just flow channels for the resin. I think there's enough support there that the staff head would still hang together, and then you have the censer floating in the middle by pure psychic force (and held up by the smoke) as I figured the sculptor intended.