Sunday 26 July 2015

Weekly Progress Report 26/7

So here is the recent progress report from the bunny camp. We have had a bit of a shakeup recently but things are still on track and it is business as usual!!

Drake Seta has been on holiday in France and so did not get any painting done this week. He has however helped start a new project that he will be sharing this coming week to the community.
He is excited for this coming week as he should finish Perturabo.
The week after he will be starting work on his Warlord Titan; Seething Released.

Khall has renamed himself this week and is now Kaelo Rylanus going forward. He has made a massive start on his Ultramarines and here is a few WIP pictures.
The dual-wielded is Kaelo Rylanus, Captain of the 9th Company.

Here is a WIP picture of his Relic Contemptor!

This is the sergeant of his Cataphractii.

Finally is a picture of Guilliman.

You can find a link to his paint scheme here:

He intends to get a lot more done this week.

Darko has been back to the painting table for the first time in a while! He has been getting back to progressing his Emperors Children. He will soon be getting along nicely and has prepared to get his models progressed at the same time.

So far he has got a metal standard to 10 phoenix guard terminators, 10 palatine blades and 2 javelins. Soon he will be able to improve to the signature purple soon. He has also been making some good headway into a sicaran battle tank. This was inherited by Kaelo and is not too far from completion. For now, see the progression pictures to check out how it all looks so far:

Hope you enjoy our works. Let us know what you think :) keep tuned for more posts and progress from us!!

Darko Thane


  1. Emperors Kids! My mortal enemy! Deviously good looking Sicarans does not fool me!
    Kaelo, I think your termie sergeant has something in his face. Other than that, you already know that I love your Ultramarines. :P

  2. Bunnies!

    Honestly read that link, plastic Horus heresy is legit now

    No jokes

    Its also in the comments on Natfka's blog too (most recent post top 3 comments )

    1. Thanks!!! Great news for 30k players.

    2. I do not like the idea of GW making Horus Heresy models. Sure we'll get cheaper model and more people might join the fun, but finally FW had their own thing going and not just following in the footsteps of big brother GW. They shouldn't take that away from them.

    3. I agree to a point. If they do support FW in GW stores (apparently November) then hopefully we can still buy all the specialist options in resin and the Grunts in (hopefully well formed and designed) plastic. if it is just Basic troops, Contemptor and hopefully a Rhino then I really can't see too much of an issue. If they were to interfere with Primarchs, books etc then I'd tell them to F off.

    4. Good point. These models do also look good. I'd just wish the backpacks looked more like the FW one, and i would also have loved a despoiler option.. But now i'm just complaining. ;)

    5. You're all welcome and i totes agree

      Let Gw do the grunts, and forge world do the special stuff I.e primarchs

  3. Whats your recipe and process for the purple, it came out great

    1. Hi Christopher thanks for the comment :) to get the purple I use I first spray the model with an undercoat of Chaos Black and then use a coat of the army painter Platemail spray. For the purple it's a mix of two paints. For the ratio I use its 4 pots of Druchii Violet with one-third pot of Guilliman Blue, which is airbrushed onto the desired models. Hope this helps :)

    2. It's 2 light flat coats of the purple mix :)