Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekly Progress Report

Hola Bunnies!

Got some WIP photos for you. The group hasn't done a massive amount as whole this week but I have decided to take this time to show you the latest on my Ultramarines too. Let's start with Drake today as he is showing the latest work on the most recent Primarch release:


Drake Seta has been painting Perturabo which is nearly finished. He has also been washing a Warlord Titan which he is assembling next. He is on Holiday this week and so will not be able to get too much done sadly.


Khall has got a large chunk of his infantry assembled and painted blue. He will show a more detailed post later this week :)

Father and Son (Kaelo Rylanus - Terra-born Commander of the 9th company.

Cataphractii terminator squad.

Veteran squad using Invictarii pieces and an unhealthy amount of expensive powerswords...

MkIII Rotor cannon squad sans weapons.

MkIV Meltagun squad sans weapons.

Assault squad.

Despoiler squad.

Xiphon - purchased at open day. Lovely kit.

Relic Contemptor favouring his heavy bolter!

Sniper recon squad.

That's all from us for this week. So what do you all think? Comments are always welcome :)



  1. Drake, stop making my paintwork look like a 5-year old's fingerpaintings.
    Khall, stop making my army look like a horde of marauders from different clans.
    Really great work, both of you! Already looking forward to next week. ;)

  2. Thanks for the kind words

    Kaelo (was Khall)

  3. :O But what will happen when you decide to add Guilliman to your force? Twins? :) Cant wait to see Perturabo finished! Are you working on the base at the same time Drake?

    1. He is up there stood next to Kaelo :)

    2. Oooh I see! I thought you were using Guilliman as a converted captain! Phewph! Really nice blue with that light bouncing off it. Great start

  4. Wow Kaelo. Really really impressed. That force is huge.

  5. Wow, nice. What blue do you use?

    1. It is literally Macragge Blue spray can over black...I was surprised my own self.

      It is a slightly different colour to that of the small pot so will need to be careful doing detail etc. also the can is temperamental. Practice first if you try it lol I will be doing a guide tonight as I have 15 more to spray up!

  6. how is the gold on perturabo done? looks AMAZING@

    1. Hi Bradley. Welcome to Battle Bunnies :)
      Vallejo real gold - Old Gold (best range of golds on the market just ensure you shake well after every limb and wipe the brush regularly), then two washes of Agrax earthshade. Full painting guide will come soon.

    2. mate put me onto your blog and its sick, i cant believe i didnt look earlier

      thanks for the recipe and i eagerly await the guide :D

    3. Cheers buddy.
      Hopefully will have the guide done by Friday. It's half written and he is half finished :)