Friday, 17 July 2015

New releases. Chaos Knight and Named Daemon prince

Another great Forge World Friday. 

Cor'bax Utterblight is a delightful fella who was birthed in the ruin storm into the Imperium of man. 

His rules can be found on Forge World now. Not sure which book he may be featured in though. 

Called forth by the dark rites of the traitorous Word Bearers Legion, the Ruinstorm unleashed a vast horde of the malevolent denizens of the Warp upon the Imperium. Most deadly amongst them were those that came to be known as the Daemon Princes of the Ruinstorm, and counted amongst their number was the vile, pestilent and ever-hungry Cor’bax Utterblight.

Those who have witnessed this loathsome disciple of Nurgle in action tell of a tidal wave of rot and disease which spills before Cor’bax as he enters the battlefield. Life corrupts at his touch, and any mortals unfortunate enough to survive are snapped up whole within his gaping maw to slowly perish and fuel the gifts of Nurgle Cor’bax will generously bestow upon the next world he attacks. 

Cor’bax Utterblight, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm, is part of Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series. He stands more than twice the height of a man and his body is festooned with tentacles, spikes and the remains of those he has devoured, whilst a bloated tongue protrudes from his tooth-filled maw. A trio of Nurglings are also included for you to position on Cor’bax Utterblight or over his 120mm oval base. 

Great looking Resin mini. 

Here we have the as previously seen Chaos Knight. 

He does look great. Looking forward to seeing not painted. 

Drake Seta


  1. yep, both are pretty cool^^

    will use a chaos knight for HH word bearers (i imagine that lorgars sons would have some early chaos knights in their hosts :D, and a dark red/blakc chaos knight would look ace for them)

    and the nurgle daemon is CUTE, can't wait to use him against the followers of both the Emperor and Sigmar :)

  2. Your conception of cuteness is rather... interesting, dear Lady. ^^ Personnaly I would love to see some War Kitten of Khorne! >83

    Great models for chaos players and rules don't look bad, even if I have a problem with Corbax having Initiative 9, it doesn't sound very Nurglesque in my opinion.
    Hope the book about the Shadow Crusade will feature more Ruinstorms deamon princes.

    Now I'm waiting for the Invictarius Suzerains! <3

    1. The I9 has had both Drake and I scratching our heads...doesn't make any sense...

      Invictarii FTW!!

    2. I've been dreaming of shield-wielding Ultramarines since I saw Mark Gibbon's incredible sketches for the Honour Gard... How do you plan to use them in your army?

    3. My Ultramarines legion is going to be huge. I intend to do a 10 man squad of Suzerains and a 10 man breacher squad with powerswords! They will be part of wave 2 I think though by which time I'm hoping the terminators and assault squad will be out too. I will email you my full intended list mate :)

    4. I don't think I will do destroyers though...they don't FEEL right to me :s

  3. While I'm excited about the release of the Chaos Knights, I'm disappointed that there are only options for Errants & Paladins. Will we have to wait a similar length of time from their release to see Crusaders et al?