Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Golden Daemon Tanks: By Dave G

Hello everyone!

A nice guest article tonight from a regular commentor, Dave G! Thanks for this and the nice photos:

Hi Guys, 
I've not seen anything about this on your site (or any site) but I had the opportunity to take part in the first Golden Demon event to be held at Warhammer World at the weekend. 
My rush job got a finalists badge... I've wanted one of those for 19 years so I'll take it thanks!!)
The event itself was well run and the venue was rammed (we'd booked a table for gaming which is why we were there in the first place).  The whole day was enjoyable (and seeing the exhibition was awesome) so I'll definitely enter next time (especially as I'm so close to the event now).
Most of the entrants were HH-era tanks, which is why this may be of interest to you, and goes some way to showing how popular FW's products are I reckon. At the end of the day they also announced the next event in October. Also 40k themed so get your brushes ready!! 
The winner was the Death Guard Fellblade. As I was viewing the entrants it was a toss up between that and the Imperial Fists Glave for me, but the free-hand on the Fellblade must have tipped it over for the judges.


  1. Holy hell... That nids v guard one is incredible!

    1. I'm surprised that wasn't in the top 3 for the diorama category...

    2. I'm surprised as well, now I'm curious about the other entries!

      Thanks for the photos!

    3. Video of awards ceremony here (which includes photos of the winning entries on the projector screen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7cRxUdWFqs

      The hall WAS rammed but almost entirely with gamers. There were very few entries to the Golden Demon and as you'll see quite a few of the guys went home with multiple trophies.

      The guy who wo the unbound category had an amazing ork workshop diorama.

  2. Love the Sentinel of Terra.
    Also I notice some of the tank painters have attended Matt Kane's Airbrush classes. Good stuff :)

  3. Some other entries (my photographs):


    And Richard Gray's Slayer Sword winner again:
    (which makes him a two time SS winner)