Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Titan Owners Club - The first Titans

Hi all. Here we a have a sample set of images of the Titans which have joined the Titan Owners Club.

All of the below images have been submitted to the site with various pictures from Work in Progress to construction tips to Complete model pics. 

Here are a few to whet your appetite. 

And that is just after week one. 

If you own an officially produced Forge World Engine, then Titan Owners Club is reserving a spot for you. 

We have scheduled them to be posted over the next week already. To join with your Warhound, Reaver or Warlord email Titan Owners Club with the following information. 
Certificate number: 
Titan Name: 
Pattern: Lucius / Mars
Head Unit: Mars Alpha, Jackal, Wolf etc. 
Primary Armament: the main loadout. 
Princeps: name of the Princeps in command of the engine. 
Titan Legio: The scheme / Legio you are painting the Engine under
Maniple: Other Titans you own
Owner: your name or Classified
Location: your Titan location (ideally State and Country, or Classified

Drake Seta


  1. Not that I own a Titan but will you lot include the Phantom Titans too? Theoretically they could have been around in 30k

  2. What about Titians from armorcast?

    1. I'm convinced that anything non-FW (and maybe if GW ever went there, as Forge World could refer in-lore) does not fit under "officially produced Forge World Engine". Sorry, man.

    2. Hi Tyler. Sorry it is just for Forge World Titans.

  3. Reeeeealy want a titan..... but then i think of how many marines and tanks i could get instead. I just can't get past the sticker shock.