Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Legion on Parade: Dave Gent's Vlka Fenryka

Ladies Gentlemen and Bunnies: for your viewing pleasure let me present Dave's Vlka Fenryka. 

A very well painted and presented army. Very impressed. 

As a bit of background, I've been collecting space wolves for around 20 years now, this is the 4th incarnation of my army. The HH serious has been like a dream come true! 
At the moment I am re-organising my army from a 40k company to a 30k legion force. I've removed all the stuff that is not useable (such as thunderwolves) and many of the armour marks that just aren't right (for me, Mk6 has always been the armour of the Heresy era, so I have always had a lot of that in my force anyway, but I am loving the other armour types that FW have produced, especially Mk3). I've also been turning my 10 man squads in to 20 man squads, so repainting squad markings, changing weapons, etc.
I have also been removing snow off my bases, or just re-basing where this has been impossible, setting my new force on the plains of Prospero rather than the snow wastes of Fenris. My main love of the hobby is painting and collecting, so taking the opportunity to push my skills and try new techniques in these areas has been good. And this is why I only have two squads and a Storm Eagle fully painted at the moment. 
By the end of the year I am hoping to have re-branded the entirety of my current force ready to move on to new things ready for whenever they finally release the Space Wolves HH book.
So attached are pics of the following; 2No. 5 man Destroyer Squads (fully finished), 1No. 10 man tactical support squad (fully finished), a storm eagle (finished), a contemptor dreadnaught (needs re-basing), some WIP shots, etc. I used to have 12,000 points fully painted but this has shrunk to around 5,000pts partly painted while I re-organise things.  On the 1st August I will pick up a massive bundle of tanks to replace the ones I've just ebayed (because I couldn't get the snow off!), including two Spartans, a Fellblade, 6 rhinos and some jetbikes. Any help and advice in putting these together would be appreciated (the Storm Eagle was tricky enough...)
I've also included a couple of shots showing the mixture of unit markings and shoulder pad designs I've included. As there's no Space Wolves Legion decal sheet I used the XVI transfers from the Luna Wolves sheet and removed the X in some cases. I've also added some of the other transfers. I don't think any two of my miniatures have the same shoulder pad markings :-)
Kind regards

Great details and shoulder markings. The great thing about the Vlka Fenryka is the individual feel of the Legionnaires, where their armour feels as though it is telling the Warriors saga. 

Destroyers seem pretty apt after hearing about them dropping a space station on a planet (doing whatever it takes to win). 

Nice WIP assault squad. Can see the 40k to 30k transformation. 

Melta Gun support squad. 

Great details and weathering.

Loving that white band on the wing and the weathering. 

Heavy Bolter Squad. 

A mk5 marine. Looking forward to seeing some more of these in the next few books :)

A Contemptor Dreadnought. The ones that listen to the same stories in the dark. While Kasper H. Wakes them with his wriggling. 

A great looking Legion. Very impressed. Please send an updated one in when you have completed to a final stage :)

If you have a Legion you want shown on Legions on Parade please follow the links on the left. 

Drake Seta


  1. Hi Dave. What is your painting recipe (including weathering)?

    1. Hey, I've got the recipe down to: base with mechanicum standard grey, dry brush a lighter grey then dry brush the upper areas with space wolves grey then wash with aggrax Earth shade (spellings might be off there). The weathering is a mixture of beastial brown applied with a sponge followed by FW dark earth weathering powder

    2. lighter grey....would dawnstone be the right shade?

  2. Beautiful army! Cool mix of FW and regular space wolves kits. Now, I am a jealous Dark Angel.... =P

  3. More fuel for the fire of my addiction :)

  4. Thanks for showing my army guys, sorry about the poor quality pics...

    1. Pics are fine Dave. Thanks for all the info. We can put it back up in a year or so's time with the hope you have some more done by then :)

    2. I'm just painting a bike squad and some jetbikes and have taken delivery of two Spartans, 6 rhinos and a fellblade so I'll be in touch :-)

  5. Beautiful army and a fantastic paint job! I much prefer this dark grey to the baby blue you get in 40k lol....and no Grimnar sleigh in sight!! Lol really looking forward to seeing what direction FW take your legions aesthetics. Keep up the great work :)

  6. Excellent stuff. Really well done. Can only agree about the greys and I particularly like the highlighting effect on the armour edges. Weathering and wear is subtle but brings out the "been in action" look.

  7. Hello battle bunnies.
    I know it's off topic but I have a question: were the dark eldar around during the Horus heresy? My father was wondering as we are now hooked and are just waiting for the plastics to come out.
    We have orks and may do eldar but what are some other 30k era enemies for the legions.

    1. Hello Simon!

      We feel that Dark Eldar would have been around during the Great Crusade. They may not have been known as Dark Eldar but if you read Promethean Sun(Son) the Eldar involved are closer to the Dark Eldar than Eldar (Raiders etc). Other races you could fight:
      Early awakened Nexrons (confirmed by Andy Hoare) - Tomb Stalkers, The spider thing and a push MAYBE Warriors.
      Dark Eldar
      Eldar corsairs
      Heavier projects:
      Eldar Exodites
      Techno Barbarians

      I hope this helps :)

    2. Hey Simon.

      I'm not a Battle Bunny, i know i wasn't asked, but your question lead me to investigate it. What i could find was that the beings we know as dark eldar first came out of hiding in the 31st millennium, which means that they were there during the great crusade and i would bet they did weird things with the humans they could find even back then.
      I hope this helps.

      Source: Warhammer 40k wikia (Dark Eldar: History)
      Remember, this is my interpretation of the information. I might have missed something, so i encourage you to read it yourself and then do what feels right. :)

    3. GW is anything but consistent in its timelines lol. Good information Zyntax, we appreciate any and all support and information.

    4. Hi all above. We looked into this properly a while ago trying to see if they were. In Great Crusade it pretty much was Traditionalist Eldar and Depraved Eldar. But as it is a Horus Heresy question: best answer for you is in the new Dark Eldar Codex on the timeline. There is a stated date where they were pretty much acknowledged as purely divergent from the original Puritan Eldar.
      Up to there I would say you are playing a Depraved Eldar list which should be merged with regular Ol' Eldar, or try something with a Dark Eldar with Corsair Allies list. That would get you the best feel for Depraved Eldar.

    5. Thank you all for the answers.
      I really like the list of enemies as it gives a massive amount of options.
      Thank you for the idea to use dark eldar as corsaires. It will be put to use.

    6. Sorry for the late correction.. I meant to say "during the Horus Heresy".. I originally thought the question was about the Great Crusade during which, from my understanding, they were hiding in the webway. At least until late crusade.
      I'm sorry for any misunderstanding this has caused.