Saturday, 22 August 2015

Kaelo Rylanus: Invictarii Suzerain Update

Hi Bunnies!

So I have had a busy week but I have still managed to get some movement on my Invictarii Suzerain. I have managed to finish trimming, spray black and then Macragge Blue. I have also done the first wash. I have a nice plan for the shields and I am excited to show you all later in the week.

I am away for a week now and my room mate has allowed me to take my 'nerd models'. I will get a lot done this week 😊 keep tuned in!



  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Haven't seen one painted yet.

  2. Looking forward to seeing them completed. They look good so far though

  3. Even at this stage these look great.

  4. These look so impressive. Can't wait to see your finished creations :D