Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Progress Report 23/8

Hi guys, here we go with another edition of our progress report. A mixed bag of progress this week being shown but nonetheless here we go:

Kaelo has no new pictures of progress for you today. He is hoping to amass a whopping 15-20hrs of painting this week as he is staying away. Stay tuned throughout the week!

I, Darko, have been working on moving forward on the held projects. By this I have had assistance from Drake and his airbrushing skills to be able to get my models that were in a metal standard to the purple that Emperors Children fans all come to love. Here are a few pictures of the result:

I will be looking to make some headway on these models over the next week/s. Look forward to seeing more from these soon.

Drake Seta has received his Warlord Titan head now and will be working on it this coming week. He also has done work on his Iron Warriors again after receiving the new Transfer sets. He will be doing a post in a couple of days showing a completed Banner and how he got it on.

So this concludes another week of work from us. Let us know what you think and what you hope to see coming up. Let us know what you are working on too, we would love to hear what everyone is creating :)

Darko Thane


  1. Ah, serves to remind me of how great the Phoenix terminators look.

  2. How did you get that great color for the melta gun barrel? I'm working on some legion salamanders atm, have 10 of them to paint

    1. Yes, that melta gun looks cool, please tell!


    Vallejo Model Color Set - Liquid Gold Set (x4) # 70199

    I used the old gold for shoulder pads but was so impressed with the paints I wanted to use the others on other models etc. I used copper on the barrel then dry brushed Rhinox hide up to Abaddon black on the tip. Then with a 00 paint brush I added some scour lines with (mythril silver) runefang steel.