Monday, 24 August 2015

New Volkite option for Contemptors

In the most recent bulletin from Forge World we have been given a look at the new twin linked volkite arms for the Contemptor Dreadnought. This has got us very excited in the bunny camp!! See pic below:

In my opinion they look absolutely gorgeous and I know I will be taking these as my options in the near future.

What do you guys think of this? What would you like to see be released next?

Darko Thane


  1. They look cool. Not sure they really look 'Space Marine' though...

    1. They might look a bit more Tau than SM, but damn.. I need this.. I don't really need more Volkite in my army.. But i need this...

    2. They look perfectly big-isized from smaller Volkite weaponry and perfectly pre-heresy. I don't know why everyone is saying they look Tau? They look like every other Volkite gun to me.

      I'm not sure of their usefulness though. Maybe against Solarites or if they ever put out rules for Ullanor Crusade Orks. Against Marines and Mechanicus Thanatar & friends that seem to dominate the meta I don't know if they have the S and AP to inflict enough damage. 'Deflagrate' is nice but you have to cause those wounds first.

      I think I'll stick with Plasma Blasters and punchy hands!

    3. Lol. I love them but do see the slight Tau missile fist look. No I do think they look Volkitey.

      I have used Volkite Culverin in 3 games now and each time they have always done well against armies like Mechanicum and Solar Auxilia.

      Contemptor was great, but to quote Tony C "Not much can't be improved with the addition of a Death Ray"

    4. Alright, i might have exaggerated on the Tau-ness, cause i agree that they could"bt have looked much different.
      That said, i think if you're looking for a, somewhat, all around anti-infantry weapon on your dreadnought. Now i don't have it's profile, but compared to plasma i bet you might get close to the same results, especially as you go down the armour curve. I guess a plasma canon is a bit limited in effect, but sure is great against termies and can be used on vehicles, but against bigger hordes of troops, maybe even your traditional Space Marine, i think it's effect would be close to, or worse than, these badboys..
      I might be wrong and my mind might be clouded by my love to the volkite.. Volkite, my guilty pleasure.

  2. I think it looks like it is time to cook some loyalist fools with those babies. I have been waiting for volkites for the contemptor since the contemptor arrived from FW. Just glad we are finally getting it. Tons of Dark Mech conversion possibilities with that piece also.