Saturday, 29 August 2015

Warlord Titan Progress, Wash and Head started

Hi all

Just thought I'd update you on the status of my Warlord Titan Seething Released.
I have received the head now (FW updated their system and my address went in wrong) after it was accidentally delivered to the wrong address. Now I can start work on it. 

After the base of chaos black I painted Martian Iron earth in places to simulate rust under the surface. 

This was then all sprayed with Corvus Black. 

I have been doing internal base colours (Tamiya deck colour) and I have been using Vallejo brass to do the metallic trims.

I also have started washing the main structure. To do this I made a mix of Agrax Earthshade, Nuln oil, Klear (now pledge) and a little bit of water. It was a whole pot of each of the citadel washes about a quarter of a paint pot of water and about 2 cap to cupfuls of Klear.

Klear is a fantastic medium to use to help you create decent, forgiving and controllable washes. It helps draw the pigments of the wash into the gaps and recesses and leaves the main surface relatively untainted. 

You can see the wash effect just above. 

Drake Seta


  1. The trick using Martian Iron earth to simulate the paint nearly chipping off is great!

    1. Thanks Sr. it is a Phil S and Mark B trick from Forge World. Really love it.

  2. Those look like an awful big cap on top of that pledge bottle. Did you add (2) of those monster caps to your mixture, or was it as smaller cap? Was the ratio then 50% citadel washes and 50% water + Klear?