Sunday, 30 August 2015

How do you store your minis?

Just recently I have redecorated my room. I did have my models all stored on shelving but they looked a bit bunched and was constantly worried about dust ruining the quality of the minis. With the scope of the projects we are going to do I realised I would need some proper storage space.

So what I have now done (after being inspired by Drake and other hobbyists) is to have my own cabinets to place my models on show and to also protect them from dust and other threats. Very happy with my purchases :)

Will look for some more space in the future but for now this will do for a few armies!!! Also my redecoration also allows me to put another special purchase on show....

Bought this beauty last year at Warhammer Fest and has been in storage since!!

So what do you guys use to show off your armies? I love to see how you guys show off your prized models.

Apologies for the lack of weekly progress this week. We have figured that having a bank holiday Monday, where we can throw down a nice chunk of work at our projects, that we shall delay our report until tomorrow evening.

Darko Thane


  1. Nice cabinet. Mine live in a variety of cases, GW and KR Multicase. Probably the safest place for them too having a 2 year old running around the place!

  2. Those clear shelves look great. Love the canvas on the wall too.

  3. Mine are currently in a case or the WIP Salamanders are occuping a book shelf!!

  4. Just be careful with those glass panes in between shelf rows! The amount of times I have done something numpty and knocked one off its little plastic holders to go crashing down onto whatever is below is horrifying. Glue them in maybe? We have also stored ours in a 6 foot tall wooden shoe rack for ages..

    1. Cheers for the advice :) luckily they are in a corner out of the way, and the holders for the shelves have enough length, not looking like it's on a knife edge luckily :)