Monday, 31 August 2015

Weekly Progress Report 31/08

Better late but never.... Another week of out progress has come round again. A decent week of progress this week, and without further or do here we go:

Kaelo has been working on his Ultramarines. He took most of his legion away with him this week to paint in a hotel however, due to energy saver light bulbs, the lighting was not adequate to paint for long periods of time. Here are some recent pics he has managed:

Drake Seta has been continuing work on his Warlord Titan. He has renamed this Engine now to Bone Garland. He has started to paint the Titan's difficult to airbrush parts with Forge World's new paints straight from the pot. Drake was very wary about this as he was expecting this to be a big fail, but was shockingly relieved when the paint dried. In one pic you can see the comparison from Corvus black to Abaddon Black (and how smooth it is straight from the pot).
He has also been using an armour wash over the metal frame.

Darko has been busy with housework and redecorating my room (see post from yesterday 30/08) so have been hampered in work on my projects. I have recoated parts of the models to black where purple has been applied (weapons, ribbing etc). I haven't got any decent pictures to display to show it off but next week I shall continue that and possibly get to completing weapons and equipment.

What do you think of our work this week? What would you like us to show off next? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. All looking good! Curse those energy saver light bulbs. I tend to get out in hotels a lot for work and luckily most tend to have a desk lamp that's ok for painting.

  2. That Warlord, is one hell of a project. I'd never start a Warlord myself, because I'm nowhere near talented enough to do it justice. But if I did, I would name it Ozymandias, because his works would be great and terrible, but so too would his reign come to pass, such is the way in the Age of Darkness.

    You said you'd recently started a Mechanicum army Darko, any progress on that? Also, when's the next Forgeworld event?

    1. Talking of events, I assume the Bunnies will be at the 40k open day in October?

    2. Hi Dave. Yes we will be. Yourself?

    3. Yep, I plan to be there on the Sunday anyway, try my luck at Golden Daemon again!