Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Forge World Bulletin 01/09/15

Better late than never from us I guess. 

So today we have seen Phil Stutcinskas' Imperial Fist Falchion on the Forge World blog. 
For any of you have been lucky enough to speak to Phil I hope you will agree; he is one of the most decent and approachable blokes you will ever met. In my personal opinion he is also the best tank painter in the world, with his tips and helpful techniques filling the Forge World Masterclass books (get them if you have not yet!). 

His Falchion has made the pages of the upcoming Horus Heresy Masterclass book. 

Here are some pics from the 7th of Feb of the same tank. 

We also have seen some of the Legio transfers coming out. I only hope for some text for the parchment on each Reaver (as looks to be seen on the Astorum sheet) and a decent spread to go onto each gun arm of the Warlord. 
Multiple shield transfer options would be good too for the Warlord. 

One thing I miss Forge World; is the guide on Transfer symbol meanings which you put up for the Word Bearer, Night Lords etc. that was a helpful and informative guide. Struggling to work out currently which side a Hexagon is meant to be on to differentiate Princeps ranks. 

Drake Seta


  1. Wish we had an ETA on that book! Want to get the other two, but need to wait for the 3rd for shipping costs.

    1. Hi Brandon. I would say October. If Battle for Calth release rumours are anything to go by. it would make sense to release it around then.

  2. Hopefully it's a sign that this Masterclass book is soon, I've been eagerly awaiting it since it was announced last year