Wednesday, 9 September 2015

40k open day 2015. More Teasers.

Hi all

Just received an email about the 40k open day on the 17th and 18th of October. Let's have a look:

Don't miss out in October! Warhammer World has two special days to excite all fans of the iconic Warhammer 40,000 range of miniatures and games, with some great unique, exclusive and event only items.

Exclusive and Event only products, part of the biggest and best Warhammer 40,000 Open Days yet! On October 17th & 18th don't miss...

Your only chance to get…

... your event exclusive t-shirt – only available at Warhammer World, only on these two days.

The design is top secret, but we'll be revealing more closer to the event.

Hmmmm. Further down it states that new Emperor's Children and Raven Guard (Yes Mike R. Some Raven Guard stuff :) ) will be available at the event. So this probably isn't a Forge World T-Shirt. . . . Now the fan side of me hopes its not an anti-climax T-shirt like a Random Inquisitor, Tau or Marine insignia, and that it is actually something exciting. So personally I believe it is the Battle For Calth cover artwork. . . . Failing that Squats ;)
What do you think?

Your first chance to get…

... the exclusive to Warhammer World Warlord Titan head variant!

Oh yes! If anyone who is an international member of Titan Owners Club wants me to grab one for you, please email Titan Owners Club regarding head and I will see what I can do for you. 

... brand new Emperor’s Children and Ravenguard t-shirts.

Awesome :) I smell Corax :)

...exciting new Forge World miniatures, watch this space for more details!

Warhammer World exclusives...

... add the Space Marine HQ Command Tanks or Josef Bugman miniature to your collection.

... pick up the Meduson short story collection from Black Library.

... unique t-shirts, bags, mugs, badges and more, only available to buy while you are visiting Warhammer World.

Still hoping to see Battle of Calth for the first time there and the new Dark Angel 30k display. 

Come back soon. 


  1. I'm going to pretend one of your void shields got taken down by a D strength rail cannon, and you made a hasty retreat.

  2. Oi! What's with the black lettering! That aside, i hope it's Corax!
    Any thoughts if the next book will be available?

  3. I don't think my wallet is looking forward to this event! That aside, im excited to see what makes an appearance over the weekend

  4. God damn it I was just there I swear if there's something else limited edition that I want I'll lose it

    1. Just let us know. We are always happy to pick up limited editions for our international friends :)

    2. Hey Kaelo, LOVE the Battlebunnies blog. I think i am addicted, can't help but check for new content once a day!!! Keep up the great work :) On another note, i would be over the moon to take you up on the offer purchasing some limited editions from 40K Open Day and WHW from you/Drake (New Zealander, and avid Limited edition FW and GW collector here). How do i go about contacting you to sort out the details? Thanks heaps.

    3. Ping me an email bud :)

  5. We need to not get ahead of ourselves...this is an event for 30k's bigger ugly brother. Expect limited Heresy support like the last one. Tau will be released, that is probably all...fingers crossed though!!

    1. Hey bro. FW are selling the tickets too now and are stating there will be Seminars and that it is "Thr most awesome event of the year", guess that means Warhammer-Fest is no more.
      I am fully expecting the Heresy content to be through the roof now.

  6. love thatIwassingledoutXDyayravenguard!!!