Friday, 11 September 2015

Forge World release 11/9

So today is the day for new releases from the Forge World studios. Similar to last week we have legion specific upgrade packs (possibly a new theme to help out the rest of the legions??) and this week is devoted to the sons of Baal, the Blood Angels.

To be released are legion specific heads and torsos, with shoulder pads for mk2,3 and 4. These new upgrades are ready for preorder and shall be ready for shipping from 18th Sept. 

Here are some pics of the releases:

And here for your enjoyment is a preview of what it all looks like together:

I myself am very impressed and excited by the looks of these. As a (soon-to-be) Blood Angel collector this will be a definite purchase as this is a gorgeous set of upgrades, as I'm sure most of you can agree with.

What do you guys think of today's release? What do you reckon will be next?

Darko Thane


  1. Finally... my main legion (since 2nd edition 40k) has jumped into 30k with a bang :-) they are SWEEEEEEET sculpts, and i can even look past the duplicated head (only 9 unique sculpts i count compared to dark angels' 10), because they are sooooooo good ;-)
    Bring on the Contemptor please FW :-P

    1. Yesssss! Super excited by these as you can see :D but yeah cant wait to see the contemptor for sure :)

    2. Not hard to look past duplicated heads in 30k. During the Crusade that would've been the norm, and unique helmets are less of a thing in 30k than in 40k.

  2. Fantastic upgrades. They are just like the old card game images.

  3. Yeah, some of those helmets are straight out of Collected Visions!

  4. With those Ex-FFG members working for FW that makes sense.

  5. Aaron Dembski Bowden's words on the Blood Angels - there will be one (called Zephon) as a main character in 'Master of Mankind', his upcoming HH novel:

    "I think the Blood Angels have one of the strongest dichotomies of any Legion or Chapter. Much of what makes the Blood Angels of 40K stand out is a little less pronounced before Sanguinius's death. It's still undoubtedly there, though.

    "I tend to see it a little like this:

    "They're artists, painters, poets, architects, musicians, and philosophers - the very cream of humanity's creative and enlightened aspirations, risen from barbarian tribes that scavenge amidst the red dust of a poisoned homeworld. They don't create art in the pursuit of perfection, or to glorify themselves by displaying their own talents. They do it to understand what it means to be human, acknowledging as they do how far away they are from humanity. And, of course, they do it to understand, conquer - and, to some degree, hide - the dark halves of their souls. Some of the galaxy's most breathtaking sculptures and paintings lie in the deepest, darkest chambers of Blood Angel warships, or displayed in the chapels of their fortresses, never to be seen by human eyes.

    "The Blood Angels are the Renaissance in power armour, with all of that majesty, splendour, and ingenuity turned anaemic by vampirism... with a mandate to conquer the galaxy on wings of iron and fire. They're paladins with sacred weapons and beauteous facemasks, crying out in inhuman choirs for the taste of their enemies' blood.

    That's how I tend to see them, anyway."

    1. This passionate passage not only highlights ADBs exceptional talent, but also makes me very excited for this legion.