Saturday, 12 September 2015

Project update: Darko

So for this evening I thought I would give you guys an insight into what I have been and will be working on. This equates to both the armies I am currently engaged in and future legions. So, lets do this:

World Eaters:
As you may have seen I have put my World Eaters to bed for the time being. I have completed around 4000pts which was my initial goal and am happy with what I have for them at this point. That being said there is always room to add more! Apart from Angron (even though in the group we technically count the Primarchs as HQ's) I do not have a Lord Of War option so I am planning in the near future to add a Fellblade into the mix. Fluff wise I think this to be the best option. 

In the near future there will be need to take on the Red World Eaters. This wont be for a while as we are currently set in a Great Crusade campaign age and I am looking to complete my pre heresy style legions before taking these on. I have a scheme in mind already, but all will be revealed in due course.

Emperors Children:
Having inherited this legion from Kaelo I have been working on completing this as my second project. So far as you have seen I am working on a few squads that include Phoenix Guard, Palatine Blades and an assault squad. I also have need for characters, chief among which is Fulgrim. I will be making a custom Fulgrim which will be a joint venture with Drake (more details will follow soon, no spoilers just yet...) which I think you guys will enjoy immensely.
For the current crop of Emperors Children I am looking to do around 4000pts, similar to the World Eaters. I do still have yet to add vehicles but I do already have a Rhino and a Storm Eagle acquired and ready to be made up. My Lord of War for the EC's will most likely to be a Falchion although I have a couple of  options available.

Such as the World Eaters turn suit, the Emperors Children also change their image after Slaanesh takes hold and become the flamboyant, mutil-coloured rainbow soldiers. This is a bit of a daunting project and have no idea how I will be completing these but I imagine things will become clear soon. I dont know how big I will be making this force, although we shall discuss this at a later date.

I have recently been working on a mechanicum force that is nearing completion. I will present this to you guys soon and I am very impressed with what I have acquired. I am also in the process of planning a Knight or Titan project although this will probably be taken on in the middle of my primary projects which are my legions (although Drake is trying to adjust my views...!). Most likely I will take on a Warhound titan or a Questoris Knight but at this point in time these projects are not on my immediate radar. 

Future legions:
So far I have worked on 2 legions and still have a few to go which I am very eager to get started on! I will explain these in the probable order in which I will tackle these in:

Alpha Legion:
Probably the legion I am most looking forward to doing, although possibly the most difficult due to a complex scheme. I wont be making a huge amount here as I will stick to the fluff and using small strike forces (apart from Isstvan V) for all my battles, but this is not set in stone yet.

Blood Angels:
Possibly the most iconic legion I will be taking on and possibly the highest pointed legion I will take on. I am very much looking forward to taking on Sanguinius and hoping I am able to do the angel Primarch justice.

Thousand Sons:
As we are all aware the Thousand Sons are some time off until their Forge World book introduction, coupled with the Space Wolves. I have no plans for this legion thus far until more information becomes available such as unit formations, rites of war etc although like the Alpha Legion they are a unique style because of the Psyker abilities that will be shown throughout the legion and this makes me excited to take this project on!

So this what the plans look like in Darko's world. A lot going on and a galaxy full of opportunities available!!

I hope you guys are looking forward on what I am working on now/soon. Let me know what you guys are working on and towards. Would be great to see what peoples aspirations are in this hobby. Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Very much looking forward to Fulgrim's reveal. Kaelo will be helping too :)

    Forces all sound good. Hope that FW have created an Alpha Legion paint by the point you get to them.

    Well with the new member who is joining, it makes sense to split Knight a House Orhlac 3 ways. That way you can still get a Titan :)

  2. Wow, that is quite some plan. I have never really given any thought to doing another legion apart from my Ultramarines, let alone having so many projects on the go. Perhaps one day a little Solar Auxilia or Mechanicum allied in.

    Sounds all good though.