Sunday, 13 September 2015

Weekly Progress Report 13/9

So here we are with another week of what has been going on in the Bunny camp this week, but here we go:

Kaelo and I unfortunately have no progress to report. This is due to a lack of timing for both of us mainly because of work.

Drake has been continuing with his Warlord Titan Bone Garland. He is thoroughly enjoying it apart from the multiple layers of Brass he has to put on. He is aiming to get the colours on the thigh and Knee plates done as soon as possible this week and to get the Lower leg plates finished too. 

Apologies for the small amount of content this week. We shall endeavour to do more for you guys, we are all eager to increase the work amount and present to all of you soon.

Darko Thane


  1. Hey guys, don't worry about the content. That's life, it always is supposed to come first, and you don't owe us anything. Also, if you messed up your jobs and lost them, we'd see even less content from you, sooo, don't screw that up.

    Also, holy crap that Titan is going to be spectacular.