Monday 14 September 2015

Forge World bulletin 14/9, and new bunnies approach...

Today a new bulletin has been released from the depths of the Forge World studios. Another insight as to the goings on with the team. 

Previewed to us this week are a new set of t-shirts that are available at events, with these starting from the next event; the 40k open day. The shirts in question are for the Emperors Children and the Raven Guard. Here are some artwork for both designs:

These may not be the only new merchandise on sale so keep your eyes peeled on the event to see if any further new items become available

Also shown is a first glimpse of the look of the Dark Angels, under the official scheme. These look great, exactly as we invisaged them here at the Bunny camp. Here is the picture we have been given:

I hope you can agree that these look great!!

As eluded to in the title, we have a couple of new people that have joined as official members. We hope that these will become valued members to our blog, bring their own individual content and humour! Introductions to these new members will come across in posts by these individuals very soon, with them showing themselves to the world and what they do. There are still ongoing talks with other prospects but for now we can confirm two new bunnies for the canp have arrived.

We hope you are excited as us to welcome them to the Battle Bunnies!

Darko Thane


  1. always cool to have more bunnies :D

    *dreams* some day, i'll also have an honorary bunnie-title :P

    1. hehe :P

      "Bunny Atia"? or Lady-Bunny Atia :o wow, that would be awesome *_*^^

  2. I would love to joinotoo but my lack of ability to commit any time to painting my own models to even my low standards means I'll sadly have to just watch from afar and occasionally build the odd Salamander model and limit my HH to this blog and the HH series!!

    1. Hey Andrew,

      If you are an avid viewer you can see we arent working at factory speed ourselves!! But dont knock your standards, if you know youre painting to the best of your abilities then that is good enough :) i know i can improve as much as the next person could admit to.

      Thanks for your support :D

  3. I'd love to join but there'll be too much competition for the VI legion!
    Loving those new tee shirts

  4. If you need an honorary never state side..... ;-)